5 Tips for a Successful Senior Year in High School

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High school is an exciting time. Parties, pep rallies, and plenty of time to “find yourself”. But for high school seniors, there’s a lot more to consider than just what outfit you’re going to wear to Friday night’s party. Senior year is the time to make some serious life choices. Things like what college you’re going to attend, how you’re going to make extra money while in school, and what career path you want to choose are just a few of the weighted questions high schoolers are faced with. But before you jump into real life headfirst, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading for tips on how to enjoy your senior year, while also preparing for your future.

1. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Despite how annoying your little sister might seem right now and how fed up you are with your parents nagging, the truth is, you’re going to miss it when you’re gone. If you plan to dorm at college, the summer before your freshman year is the time to spend as much time with friends and family as possible. Attend all the graduation parties you can. Do all of your favorite things at the local places you love. Spend quality time with your loved ones. While you may be in a hurry to move out, the truth is most millennials move out and then perform what’s known as a boomerang — landing right back under their parents’ roof when things don’t pan out. Don’t let this be you. Soak in all the love and fun you can now before embarking on your next adventure in life. 

2. Budget

Another way to avoid the “boomerang” is to budget! This is something most teens struggle with, and it happens for a variety of reasons. Some high school students aren’t required to work. This means their parents foot the bill for their clothes, school supplies, car payments, and hobbies. While it’s nice, as parents, to provide for your teens, it doesn’t teach them the level of responsibility they need to be successful in life. Other teens who do work can’t help but splurge and blow all their money on incidentals like movies, clothes, and video games. Neither of these is the solution to student budgeting. If possible, find a part-time job during your senior year that afford you both the ability to cover your own personal expenses while also enjoying life! There are those rare situations where a high school student takes on a rigorous after school job that consumes their afternoons and weekends. While this is admirable and advantageous, it will crush your social life! Avoid taking too much on at once. With a part-time job that helps line your pocket without sacrificing your social life, you’ll put yourself in a good financial position when it comes time for college. 

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This is a life lesson, really. But comparing yourself to other students around you is a recipe for disaster — and low self-esteem! You are your own unique student with individual skills, talents, interests, and needs. The truth is, college isn’t right for everyone. Some students flourish in a classroom setting while others do better with hands-on learning. Just because your friends are all planning to attend four-year colleges doesn’t mean you have to. While your classmates might be taking and acing the general ability test, you might struggle with academics. Community college is a great place to start. There you’ll get experience with how a college course is structured. You can also obtain your general education credits — most of which are easily transferable to any reputable four-year school. For others, any type of continued education feels like a prison sentence. And that’s okay! Why not attend a trade school or pursue an apprenticeship for a skill you enjoy? The armed forces is another viable, commendable, and very practical option for those graduating seniors without a solid future plan.

4. Take the Pressure Off

If all of these decisions feel overwhelming, don’t worry, you’re not alone! There seems to be more pressure than ever on today’s high school students to choose a career path, apply to colleges, and basically plan their entire future this very minute. Stop! Take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Remember that you’re only a teenager! There are middle-aged adults who still haven’t figured out what they want to be when they grow up. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. This can lead to burnout before you even get started. It’s also important to give yourself credit for all of your accomplishments thus far. After all, you did successfully graduate high school — that in itself is something to celebrate. In fact, a shocking 7,000 students dropout of high school in the U.S. every single day. Enjoy your last moments in high school without placing too much pressure on yourself to plan your entire future. Focus mostly on the present and not so much on where you’ll be 10 years from now. Of course, some of the decisions you make now will directly impact where you wind up, but try not to look too far ahead and live in the moment. 

5. Take Chances

Now is the time to take chances. That’s not to say that you should blindly take risks without any consideration for the consequences. But it does mean that now is the time to experience life. Do you have the opportunity to study abroad? Were you offered an internship at a reputable publishing company in the city? Push your fears aside and capitalize on any opportunities that come your way. The truth is, the scarier it seems, the better it is for you! This helps you push outside your comfort zone and that might just be the place you discover your true calling in life. Not to mention, any minor mistakes or pitfalls you incur now can be easily fixed. It’s much more difficult to take risks at an older age when you’re established in your career and have a family or others depending on you. Right now, the only thing standing in your way of your next great experience is you! 

Graduating high school is just one of many momentus life moments. But don’t rush it! It’s important to enjoy your last year of high school. Do so by striking a healthy balance between enjoying yourself and dipping your toes into the pool of adult responsibility. 

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