5 Tips for Maintaining Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

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Traveling comes with a lot of fun. It makes one’s life more meaningful and interesting. Living in one place might lead you to boredom. That’s why you need to change the environment and make your life-journey a fascinating one. Many people find it difficult to continue the Yoga routine during trips. But the fact is there is no reason to stay away from Yoga during a vacation as well as the best carry-on luggage for your travels. . The way you take out time for dinner and breakfast, you can surely include Yoga in your traveling routine.

Let’s have a look at the following ways in which you can continue with the practice of Yoga even while traveling.


You do not need to do anything extraordinary to be in touch with Yoga. Meditate wherever you want during your trip. If you are on a flight, close your eyes and get into the zone of extreme silence. You can download a meditation app and follow the instructions. If you think the ambiance of the plane is not suitable for Yoga, play the Yoga music or OM mantra chant and use the earphone to feel blessed. Many times, you reach the airport before time. Search for a Meditation hall in the airport and just indulge in the practice. Yoga is always yours until you think so.

Practice in the hotel park

There can be no better place to enjoy a routinely Yoga practice than the hotel premises. The hotel you are staying in is like your home away from home. Enjoy your Yoga in the garden or the room. It is very important for a yogi to book a hotel having a garden so that the practice of Yoga doesn’t take a halt. You can also enjoy the delight of Yoga asanas in your hotel room. With slow music, create a spiritual environment in the room and indulge in the practice of the ancient science. If you are traveling with your friends, it becomes even more amazing to do Yoga.

Live Yoga

Yoga is not just limited to asanas and Meditation. Yoga is a way of life. If you are following the yogic way of living style, it is more impactful than the performance of Yoga asanas. Learn to how live Yoga while you are on a journey. Get out of bed early in the morning and begin the day with mantras. Pray to the Sun God and seek his blessing to make your day even brighter. Yoga is about exploring various places and collecting knowledge. Make friends with local people and learn a number of things about their culture. All these are a part of the yogic lifestyle. You can also practice Karma Yoga by helping some needy individuals financially or physically.

Enjoy breathing while traveling

One of the most incredible parts of Yoga is that it exists everywhere in almost all forms. Living on this planet is a part of Yoga. Breathing is Yoga. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful forms of this ancient science. While you are trekking in India, in the Himalayas, experience the calm wind with deep breathing and make your life and traveling experience a beautiful one. A tour can be exigent and breathing has the ability to make it interesting. Pranayama fills the body with instant energy so that you enjoy every bit of your journey. The real meaning of Yoga is connecting with each and every element on earth and Pranayama connects you with nature via breathing.

Make memories with Beach Yoga

Who doesn’t love beaches? Such is the astonishing environment of the seashore that it attracts the soul and mind of a traveler. Beaches are probably the best place for Yoga practice, thanks to the calm and serene environment. In fact, many Yoga teacher training India programs, in Goa and Kerala takes place on the beaches. Give your Yoga practice a reason to get beautiful while practicing on the beaches. The tranquility and the incredible experience of enjoying Beach Yoga will remain in your memory for a long time. The ocean wave will inspire you to take the body higher than the height of the tide. There cannot be a more beautiful experience than indulging in Meditation in the backdrop of endless ocean water.

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