5 Tips for Successful Immigration

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Transitioning from one country to another is never easy. It’s hard to leave the country you were born in, learn new customs, expectations, and even a new language. Thousands have done it before you, and thousands will likely do it after you. Knowing that it can be done might prove encouraging. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter who came before you. This is your journey, and it can be complex–but also rewarding.

Immigrating can be difficult. There are a great deal of legal complications to sort through, and at times, it can be hard to know what to do. Whether your goal is permanent residence, temporary residence, a green card, or citizenship, your immigration goal will help aided by each of the following tips.

Know Your Rights

As an immigrant, you may feel that you’re not legally protected. Since you’re not a citizen of your current country, you may feel that you can’t call an ambulance, or you can’t call the police if your residence is broken into. You are legally protected in certain ways, even as an immigrant, and you should talk to an informed friend or a lawyer about all the ways you’re legally protected in your country of residency.

Stay in Good Standing with the USCIS

As you work towards a green card, citizenship, etc., you should do everything you can to stay in good standing with the USCIS. Never be late to an appointment. Stay away from any illegal activity. It may be tempting to get a fake social security card in order to find work, but illegal moves will hurt your case considerably in the long run. Find above board ways to get by.

Open a Business

By now, you know that as an immigrant, (unless you have a green card) you can’t legally work in your country of choice. While you wait for your green card, find legal ways to make money as you start up your new life. It isn’t legal for you to work for a business without your green card, but you can start your own. Consider opening a small business of your own to earn an income while you wait.

Get Familiar with the Culture

The culture of your new country is likely different from your old one. You may not have to learn a new language, but you will probably need to improve your language skills. You should make new friends and try to get familiar with social cues, cultural expectations, and more. It’s normal to feel bewildered at first. In time, however, you should learn to navigate your new culture with ease.

Contact a Lawyer

One of the most helpful things you can do on your immigration journey is contact a lawyer. On your own, you may be bewildered by intricate legal issues, and your case will be considered without a voice fighting for it. A lawyer can help you get temporary residence, permanent residence, a green card, and more. Consider working with an immigration lawyer as you continue your journey.

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