5 Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip as an International Student

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Do you feel like you just want to get out of campus? Hit the road and explore new cities? As an international student in the U.S., it’s time you got out there and explore what this amazing country has to offer!

In fact, the classic American road trip is an activity that is still alive and well. With schools out, thousands of students are taking to the American roads every summer and exploring. Jumping into a car and finding out where life takes you is very popular – so, do as many Americans do; driver rather than fly!

However, knowing where you should start can be difficult. This is why you need these five tips to get you started in the right direction.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Depending on your destination, a small car might not be the best option. If you intend to visit mountainous areas or harsh environments, it’s better to pick a car with some power to it.

Many prefer going on road trips using their diesel-fueled vehicles since gas rates are at par with diesel. You never know when you might get into a sticky situation where you need the power to overcome some rough terrain.

Plus, your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation, it’s also a way of carrying all your essentials. Road trips are the perfect opportunities to bring as much freedom as possible through food, camping gear, and supplies. However, remember that you are sharing the car, so create space for the friends you bring along.

Lower Your Cost of Travel

Depending on your plans, driving to your destination might be the least expensive option compared to flying. However, before you take to the road, calculate the difference between driving and flying. Take into consideration how long it’d take flying versus driving, your luggage and if you will need to use a car when you get to the destination.

In a few instances, you might find cheap, fast flights that beat the hours in a car, but the extra hours in your car will save you plenty of money. Whichever choice sounds good to you it’s important you know what’s available before planning.

Consider splitting road trip costs with friends – everything from food to lodging and gas. With fewer expenses to worry about, you can focus on enjoying the ride. You can use apps like Splitwise to track expenses.

Prepare for “No Signal”

You will be surprised to discover that for a country with such excellent data coverage, there’re still some areas with no coverage. Make sure you download data from Google Maps, so you can use it offline, which can save you in case you get lost. Also, don’t forget to pre-load your devices with shows, music, and books to enjoy during downtime.

Research Smaller Cities

It’s important that you research any small cities and towns you may be unfamiliar with or might have never heard of before. Be aware of a few trouble spots that are quite common in rural areas that you should avoid at all costs. Such towns are somewhat “lawless” and may not be very welcoming for travelers, even U.S. ones!

Don’t Over Plan

The real beauty behind a road trip is that it should be spontaneous and dynamic – don’t ruin that by planning everything down to the finest detail. To explore America to the fullest and get an authentic road trip experience, avoid being too organized. However, have a loose plan!

Road trips are very popular when schools are out. With little planning and use of online resources like https://www.drivingguide.com/, you can achieve the ultimate all-American summer road trip experience.

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