5 Tips To Redesign Your Classroom

Oct 16, 2017 by

As a teacher, your biggest priorities when preparing for a new semester will be to choose which curriculum you’ll be using and scheduling out the year.

But one more priority that you would be unwise to neglect is possibly redesigning the interior of your classroom. Believe it or not, but the look of your classroom can have a direct impact on the learning ability of your students.

Here are five tips you can utilize to redesign your classroom:

  1. Improve The Color

It is a scientific fact that colors directly impact your mood. As a couple of examples, blue is believed to make one feel more calm feelings, while red is associated with warmth. Overall, brighter colors will be more suitable for your classroom, as they will help brighten it up to positively influence your students’ moods.

  1. Allow Plenty of Light To Enter The Room

The amount of light that enters the room will also directly impact the ability of your students to learn. Be sure that you install blinds or bamboo shades that allow plenty of light to enter the room at once. A darker room will signal to your students’ brains that it’s time to sleep, while a brighter room will signal to them that it’s the middle of the day and time to be active and work harder.

  1. Control The Temperature

The temperature of your room is definitely something that you will want to take into account as well. The ideal classroom temperature for optimal student productivity will be sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, your room is neither too cold or too hot, and your students will be able to focus better.

Keep a thermometer in your room at all times so you can check on the temperature throughout the day. Make change as appropriate, such as allowing more sunlight to enter the room when it becomes too cold or adding shades if the room gets too hot.

  1. Choose Which Visuals Are Appropriate

The visuals of your classroom will either support the ability of your students to learn or it will impede it. Too many visuals will actually cause your students to lose focus. You want to have visual aids, but not too many so that your room becomes simply cluttered and distracting.  Look through your room and determine which visual aids and posters are truly necessary.

  1. Limit Excess Noise

Finally, it’s no secret that noise can be extremely distracting. You can use smart phone apps to record the decibel levels in your classroom. Document what your students’ attention level is at different levels of sound. If the room is too noisy and negatively impacting the ability of your students to focus or learn, then you may need to install polystyrene foam on your walls to limit the amount of outside noise that creeps in.

Redesigning Your Classroom

Your classroom’s interior design is not something that you should neglect. Follow the tips you have just learned to create the best possible learning environment for your students.

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