5 Ways Mobile Classrooms can Help Handle Growth in Student Population

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The End of Cycle Report by UCAS revealed that a record number of students, around 532,300 entered higher education institutions in the UK in 2015. In 2016, 81% of undergraduate students in the UK were British, 6% were from EU and 13% were from other countries. England, Scotland and Wales have the highest concentration of non-British students. As the student population is growing, not only in urban but in rural areas as well, it has become necessary to devise strategies for increased accessibility and effective dissemination of education.

Having mobile classrooms is one solution which can help manage the exponential growth in student population in different ways.

1.       Easy Adaptability and Integration

You can choose portable or permanent modular classrooms which are specially designed to integrate with your existing school or operate as a separate building. If the needs of your school and number of students in it are growing, you can integrate modular classrooms to manage the growing student population and their needs. Many schools prefer modular classrooms over traditional ones, because the construction cost of modular classrooms is at least 50% less compared to the cost of traditional classrooms.

Modular classrooms are constructed with high-tech insulation and double-glazing materials. In addition to reducing the construction costs, they also serve to decrease annual maintenance costs.

2.       Fast Acquisition

Considering the increasing number of new registrations in the education system, modular classrooms can provide an immediate solution to school administrations. Not only are these classrooms cheaper to construct, but they can also be designed and installed in a short period of time. Many suppliers offer pre-constructed modular classrooms to choose from. However, if you require a customised modular classroom based on specific requirements, it can be prepared within 12 weeks. For this, it is necessary to choose a reliable modular classroom provider such as Portable Facilities.

You can customise these classrooms as per your specific needs, which minimises the time of acquisition. These classrooms are ready-to-use and fully functional, which means that you can start using them from the next day of installation.

3.       Wide Variety of Sizes and Features

Modular classrooms have customisable designs which can be altered to cater to your specific needs. For example, if your junior section has received the highest number of registrations and you need to start the session from the next month, you can simply install a junior modular classroom within the existing structure. These modular classrooms are constructed in ready-to-use designs in a variety of choices such as primary, junior, secondary, pre-school, higher education, etc.

The facility of customisation and adaptability is offered not only in the size of the classroom, but also in its features. A modular classroom can be customised into a laboratory, training room, playroom, audio-visual centre or any other room for your school.

4.       Availability of Supplies

Customisation and flexibility forms the basis of modular classrooms. Therefore, if you want a mobile classroom for music classes, you will also receive specialist equipment including benches, instruments etc. The designs of mobile classrooms include all the features of a traditional classroom. Hence, a mobile music classroom will be soundproofed and specially designed to cater to the needs of teachers and students alike, such as storage space for musical instruments.

Similarly, if you require a culinary modular classroom, supplies will include temperature-controlled storage, food preparation equipment and work tables, cooking and baking equipment etc. A studio modular classroom will be customised with blackout curtains and mirrors.

5.       Low Cost

Modular classrooms are constructed using eco-friendly high quality materials. However, this does not mean that their construction cost is higher compared to conventional classrooms. Almost all materials used in these classrooms are renewable, which reduces construction and maintenance costs. These classrooms can also withstand wear and tear more efficiently than conventional classrooms.

Also, they are cheaper to install because a prefabricated unit is fixed into the ground. The installation does not require digging meters deeper into the ground, like the construction of conventional classrooms. Portable modular classrooms are also the cheaper option for you, especially if you want to use a single classroom for multiple purposes. For example, if you want to use a classroom for a summer program and a parent’s awareness program in the winter, you can easily transform the modular classroom without extra help.

They can also be rented, leased and purchased, depending upon your needs and budget. Within the cost of one conventional classroom, you can obtain two or more modular classrooms. This way, you can save up on costs in different ways.

Modular classrooms are an effective initiative for meeting the needs of a growing student population and could prevent schools from closing, research shows. Additionally, mobile classrooms can be built and maintained in roughly half the costs associated with traditional classrooms.

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