5 Ways to Make Money While in College

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Making money while still in college, without dropping out of classes, seems impossible. However, it can be done. The key is to find a job with a flexible schedule. That way you can work only when the studies allow you to.

This job won’t become a career, at least not if you do things right in school. It’s just a way to earn some extra money and make life easier during college.


Giving classes to younger students, sometimes those still in high school is one of the easiest ways for a college student to make money. You have more than enough knowledge to help them deal with whatever subject is bothering them, the only question is do you have the people skills to do so. If you’re not good at repeating yourself and the taking time to explain everything slowly – don’t do it, the stress isn’t worth the money. Tutoring could also be done online, completely on your schedule. Most sought after classes abroad are usually English lessons.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising is another job that you can fit around your class schedule and work on it, only when you need or have to. The work is basically writing blogs in which you subtly inform your readers about the benefits of certain products. You get paid based on the amount of traffic or sales you provide for the product. The hard part about this is creating and maintaining a relationship with your audience. Once you got that covered old blogs can generate revenue from new readers for years to come. The products you’re advertising could be related to your field of study but they don’t have to be.

Selling your textbooks

Selling your textbooks used to be almost impossible. According to Brandon Checketts , “the hardest part about getting expensive textbooks was that you couldn’t sell them at the same price at the end of the year”. That’s why he started BookScouter, where you can sell textbooks online and compare prices until you find the one that suits you. Some students also sell their notebooks and records as well because those could be a valuable teaching tool for a younger generation of students that want to know others have mastered their studies.

Virtual assistants

Most of the work these days is done remotely. However, people still have the need for assistant work –scheduling, making calls and keeping virtual office in check. This could be done remotely, all you need is an internet connection and a set of skills real life assistants have: punctuality, attention to details and responsibility. If you know how to manage your time, you could do this for more than one business at a time and not miss any classes. This also looks very good on a resume, especially if you’ve just finished college and don’t have anything else to put in it.

Application testing

New programs and applications need to be tested by actual users before they could be sold. That way the company gets feedback that programmers working on them couldn’t provide them. This isn’t a hard job, you just need to use the app in every way imaginable and make notes on the experience. Sometimes the company provides with a list of details that you should focus on.  It could be done on your schedule and all you need is attention to details and interest in technology.

If you organize your time and are willing to work hard, you can earn money while in college without missing out on your classes or social life. Just choose the job that fits your interests the best. Do you want to earn money online? This site would be a good place to start.

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