5 Ways Schools Can Support Black Lives Matter

Jul 9, 2020 by

Equality Library

We live in some tense times, and children are seeing everything going on around them. In the United States, there is undeniable racism and brutality against minorities, and people are finally coming forward.

Schools need to show support in order to grow the next leaders in the community. Here are 5 ways schools can support the BLM movement.

1. Talk About Racism

It’s shocking how quickly people are willing to shut down an honest conversation about racism in our country. Instead of ignoring the topic, it’s important to talk about it. One of the main problems is that people ignore the situation. To be part of the solution, we need to admit the travesties that are taking place against people of color so that we can do something about it.

2. Teach Accurate History

History classes notoriously emphasize European history. It’s important to include the stories of marginalized peoples in history classes so that students can accurately learn about their struggles and triumphs. History curriculum needs to change to provide a fair and accurate look at the events of the past from multiple perspectives.

3. Equality Library

Books are a great way to bring up important topics, such as racism. It’s also important to read books written by minorities. Many times, stories are told by someone who didn’t truly experience it.

Equality Library provides a collection of books at-cost to schools and other organizations that can help open student’s eyes toward the inequalities in the past and right now.

“We believe that so much needs to be done for racial equality to ever truly be achieved, and we think education on the issues is one piece of moving the ball forward. Our goal in providing these books at-cost is for schools, churches, businesses, and other organizations to establish an “equality library” in their facility so that members of their communities can educate themselves about the issues and do their part to bring about lasting change,” explains Matt McKnight of Bulk Books.

4. Demonstrate Support

Throughout these trying times, it’s important for schools to demonstrate a sense of understanding and support for the BLM movement. Hosting events, or even putting up posters in support of the movement are important signs of solidarity.

5. Give Black Students a Voice

Students coming to terms with institutionalized racism probably have a lot to say. It’s important to give them an appropriate platform to express themselves. Support art by BLM child leaders, such as painting, writing, spoken word, or rap. You should also support black students when they choose to protest and express their frustrations.

Schools are responsible for what they teach children. Schools should teach equality and truth. While it may be a difficult topic, there are ways to show support. It starts by acknowledging the problem and allowing people to express their feelings about the inequality in the world today. Schools, we should strive to be on the right side of history. Start today.

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