5 Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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There are three key points to consider when writing an essay: introduce the topic you want to write about, explain the supporting ideas that help to prove your argument and finally summarize with a reinforcing conclusion. This sounds easy to replicate, but writing an essay is more than just covering the three areas. You need to look at more factors including grammar, coherence and flow of ideas to mention a few. If you would like to improve your academic essay writing skills, consider these 5 ideas.

1. Understand the Topic you are Writing About

The biggest mistake you could make is to start writing before you have understood the topic you are supposed to write about. The very first thing you need to do is to research about the topic to get a background of the issues that have to be addressed. Make an outline with all points you want to include in the essay then get down to looking for supporting information on each of the topics outlined. An outline is like the skeleton of the entire essay and should guide you while writing.

2. Emphasize on Learning Proper Grammar, Punctuation and Style

Although you may include all facts and statistics required making your paper refined, poor punctuation and bad grammar could dilute the quality of your paper. These are some of the simple things that are considered while grading your paper because they affect flow and coherence, so to enhance your writing skills, you should posses a solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style.

3. Understand how to Critically Analyze Evidence

While writing an academic essay, it’s important to keep the main argument in mind. Sometimes you might be tempted to go off to include something else interesting, but relevance is something you must consider while writing. From your sources, analyze critically the subject and support your arguments with information from research materials and other publications. This shows the instructor that you put in time to understand the topic and put up a meaningful argument.

4. Learn how to Use the Right Vocabulary

One of the mistakes students makes while writing academic essays is to pick vocabulary they don’t understand. This often leads to the inclusion of information that is not relevant or misuse of phrases. Only include phrases you know their meaning. Make sure to use vocabulary that is relevant to the subject you are writing about. For example, if your essay is about physics, you should use terms that are related to that field. If all these things are confusing, you should buy custom essay for fast submission before deadline for the essay expires.

5. Learn how to Write a Closing Paragraph

On the closing paragraph, you basically restate your introduction to remind the reader of the purpose of the essay, and you should also write a sentence that captures the points highlighted in the body to prove that the position of those points is in line with the thesis. You should then go through your paper to clear any mistakes you might have made while writing.

Writing a good academic essay is not as challenging as you may believe. You only need to follow the right guidelines so as to come up with an essay that presents your arguments logically and with supporting materials. If you are struggling with writing an essay, consider these five points to improve your skills.

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