5 ways to keep your brain active this summer

Apr 1, 2019 by

Beat that sluggish back to school brain this September by keeping your brain working throughout the summer break

It seems to be a universal truth that on the first day back at school in September, every single person picks up a pen and realises they can’t remember anything they learned before the summer holidays. Weeks of long lazy summer days in front of the telly, hanging out with friends and fiddling with your phone might be relaxing, but it also turns your brain to mush. Just like the body, the brain requires exercise if you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Keeping your mind occupied needn’t be a chore. Here are a few fun and effective ways to keep your mind engaged over the summer.


After spending the entire school year trying to get your head around a dry Victorian tome, picking up a book might be the last thing you want to do. But think of the summer as an opportunity to move away from your set texts, and find stories that interest you. Anything will do. Read a sci-fi saga or a magical fantasy tale; a young adult love story or a thrilling crime novel. As long as you’re reading the words, and imagining the world and characters they create, then your brain is being kept well-occupied.

Keep a journal

Writing is just as effective a brain-training exercise as reading. Keeping a journal – even if you only write in it every other day – improves your memory, imagination and literacy. You could fill the pages with your own creative writing, in the form of songs, poetry or stories, or simply keep a log of what you’ve been doing, or funny/interesting things you’ve thought of. That way you’ll end up with a great log of how you spent the summer.

Summer school

Enrolling in a summer school programme is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and study subjects that you haven’t been able to at school, in a less rigid, more in-depth structure. Programmes like Immerse Education Cambridge summer school offer a range of subjects taught by university tutors from places like Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. You’ll make new friends from all over the world, study what you’re passionate about, gain confidence, and be able to impress universities and employers on future applications. Immerse Education summer school in Cambridge is sure to inspire you.

Get a job

Jobs and internships provide valuable experience, and help you to fill your days with fun, practical ways to engage your brain. Get a job in a shop, or volunteer with a charity, to meet new people from different backgrounds, keep yourself focussed, and feel as though you’ve spent your time doing something meaningful for other people. Websites, newspapers, publishers and other companies are always willing to take on interns for a few months, so write to them and ask whether they’ll take you on. If you’re hoping to have a career in one of those fields some day, the experience could prove invaluable.

Keep active

Physical activity isn’t just good for the body, it gets blood pumping to the brain as well. Get a temporary membership to the local gym, head to the pool or the beach, go walking in the park or countryside, ride a bike, or go for a run. All of these things will strengthen your muscles, help you burn fat, and keep your brain wired. Summer is the best time of year to get outside and get moving, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Ask your friends to join you, so you can keep your brains and bodies active together.

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