5 Websites for Book Lovers

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If you’re an avid reader, you know that there’s more to reading than books themselves. You eat, sleep, and breathe reading. You talk to your friends about your favorite books, post about them online, and have merchandise for all of your go-to series. You organize your bookshelves and lending a book to someone else only happens after a long list of detailed instructions (and thinly veiled threats at the prospect of it not being returned).

There’s a good chance that some of that passion translates to your screentime, too—and not just on your e-reader. If you haven’t explored the wonderful world of literature across the world wide web, start with some of the best websites for book lovers out there:



If you haven’t signed up for Goodreads, you need to stop reading, go create your new account, and then return to finish the article. Goodreads will let you track your reading progress and goals, enter giveaways to win free books, see and comment on what your friends are reading, and more. You’ll be wondering almost immediately why you didn’t start using it years ago. You can even make a list of books you’ve been meaning to read and those you want to shop for.



It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every reader in possession of a good book, must be in want of merchandise to showcase their interest. At Storiarts, you’ll find a wide range of products like blankets, scarves, bookmarks, and even writing gloves featuring text from fan favorites like Pride and Prejudice, The Raven, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Show off your love of books with your accessories—beyond just that book you’re carrying.

Gently Loved Books


If you’re like most bookworms, you add to your collection more frequently than you finish the novel you’re reading. Ordering your books at full price can put undue strain on your wallet. Save yourself the stress and find your new favorite book today at Gently Loved Books. Whether you’re a fan of literary fiction or you want to learn more about starting a business, this online book store will let you stock up on a budget. Window shop for titles to add to your wishlist or place an order for a few (or a lot of) books. We won’t tell if you don’t read the ones you have at home first.

Electric Literature


Electric Literature offers you the chance to “take a break from the news” with essays, reading lists, literary magazines, and more. Their mission is to “make literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive” with work that shows how “how literature and storytelling can help illuminate social justice issues and current events.” Whether you’re looking for books about misfits and weirdos or anthologies written by black women writers, they will have a recommendation for you. Be sure to add them to your wishlist.

Literary Hub


Literary Hub prides itself as being a place for site visitors to “congregate and celebrate books and literary culture.” From craft essays and creative work to reading lists and news, you’ll find something that catches your eye. Be sure to check their Book Marks section, too, where they’ve aggregated book reviews. Read through a few to inspire you next Gently Loved Books order and leave a review on Goodreads to join in the fun.

You spend time scrolling through the internet anyway, so share your love of books online as much as you do offline. In the process, you’ll find even more books to add to your TBR pile—and with Gently Loved Books, you can buy them all without spending your entire paycheck on new reads. Happy reading!

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