50.6% Not a Mandate

Dec 3, 2012 by

by Donna Garner

Because Obama obviously does not know how to lead on fiscal issues, he is spending his time campaigning because then he controls the debate.  If anyone were ever to ask him a difficult question, he would simply bully them into silence.  That is the great Chicago Mafia Way.

What we Americans must constantly remember is that “50.6% doth not a mandate make.”  That is the amount by which Obama won on Nov. 6, 2012.  He got only 50.6% of the popular vote – that is just 0.6% over 50%.

Obama barely won by the “skin of his teeth.”  He actually received 9 million fewer votes in 2012 than he received in 2008.

It was the cheating, graft, and corruption of the Obama team that undoubtedly gave him that slim margin of victory.  Please see the three well-documented articles at the bottom of this page (links posted there).

It is too bad for the rest of us that the 50.6% believed Obama.  He said he would not raise income taxes on the middle class.  He lied.  If Obama allows the Bush tax cuts to expire, even a person who makes $24,757 a year will end up paying $1,207 more in income taxes next year. A retired couple living on a fixed income of $42,553 (mostly from Social Security and their retirement account) will pay $857 more in income taxes next year.

In fact, if Obama allows the Bush tax increases to go forward, Obama’s tax increase will be the largest in the history of our country.  (“Taxmageddon” by Henry W. Burke, 7.16.12 — http://educationviews.org/taxmageddon-tax-tsunami-could-hit-january-1-2013/ )

On March 29, 2012, the House Republicans passed a fiscally responsible 2013 budget bill; but Democrat Harry Reid refused to let it come before the Senate for a vote. Now even though Obama and the Democrats have not passed a budget for four years, they are insisting that the Republicans are the ones who should compromise.

To further try to control the debate, Obama is manipulating the American people to make them think that he has come up with a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff.  Here is his “laughable plan” as laid out by Gary Bauer on 11.30.12:

  • Obama is insisting on $1.6 trillion in tax increases, twice what he campaigned on.
  • Obama is also demanding $150 billion in new stimulus spending.
  • Obama is demanding another $30 billion extension in unemployment benefits — an admission that his economic policies have failed to create jobs and grow the economy.
  • Obama is demanding that the death tax go back up to 45% on estates and family farms worth $3.5 million and more. Several influential Senate Democrats from farm states are opposed to that.
  • And Obama is demanding that Congress permanently give up its authority over raising the debt ceiling. So he wants an unlimited credit card too! (Campaign for Working Families, Gary Bauer, 11.30.12)

Republicans are being forced into making a choice between two repulsive positions: (1) either adopt Obama’s horrific “compromise” which would push America over both the fiscal cliff and the unemployment cliff (2) or allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.


On Nov. 6, 2012, we Republicans sent our Congressional members to Washington, D. C. with a mandate: Do not raise taxes.  Cut government spending and waste.  Follow the Constitution.  Limit Obama’s overreaching power; America has three branches of government – not  just one.  America has no king.


This mandate automatically means that the Republicans must not accept one iota of Obama’s “laughable plan.”  In 2014, voters will not forget those Congressmen who caved and bought into Obama’s lies.


If Congressmen, who believe in the rule of law, will stand united, they will impeach Obama for his part in Benghazi.  Watergate and Lewinskygate did not get anyone killed.  President Richard Nixon, who later resigned, was impeached for trying to cover up a break-in at the Democratic Watergate Headquarters. Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice concerning his extra-marital affairs in the White House.



As serious as those violations were, Obama’s are much worse.  He must be impeached because he put his own political aspirations to be re-elected President above the safety of four American men on American soil.  The blood of these men cries out from the grave for justice.


Please read my short article published on 11.19.12 entitled “Stop It, America” —







11.13.12 – “22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly out of Control and the Election Was a Sham” — http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/22-signs-that-voter-fraud-is-wildly-out-of-control-and-the-election-was-a-sham




11.11.12 – “Joseph Farah Presents Evidence of Illegal Voting, Contributions, Intimidation” — http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/did-voter-fraud-swing-election/



11.6.12 – “Ohio Candidate Sues to Block Electronic Voting Machines” — http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-11-05/ohio-candidate-sues-to-block-electronic-voting-machines



Donna Garner



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