6 Best Foods for Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

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One of nature’s basic building blocks in the construction and maintenance of your body is collagen. It is present in the structures of the body and it is also the main structural ingredient of your hair and nails. This collagen is what keeps your skin taut and young looking and it requires a range of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to sustain its continuous renewal process. Signs of deterioration in your hair and nails could be symptoms of collagen damage due to dietary deficiencies. Probably, the easiest way to make up this deficit is to take collagen supplements (you can even add them into your morning beverage if you decide to start your day with a butter coffee); however, this approach is not applicable to everyone. There are proven side effects of using collagen supplements including stomach discomfort and hypersensitivity reactions. Fortunately, a person can get necessary nutrients by simply including the right foods into their diet. Not many people associate healthy eating with healthy skin and rarely is it seen as a way of helping you to improve your complexion. Certain foods, however, can be beneficial to our skin in many ways and helps us to keep up a balanced lifestyle, but as many research papers and experiments have shown it also helps with acne and proves to be a very effective cystic acne treatment. Food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you get a breakout, but in the long-run, it proves to be one of the most looked over solutions to getting healthier skin, and being healthy in general!

It’s happened before

A classic historical example of these deficiencies in its most extreme form was the unprecedented spread of a disease known as scurvy during the mid-1700s. Seen to affect the skin and gums of sailors on long sea voyages, its source was eventually traced to the absence of vitamin C in their diet by a Royal Naval assistant surgeon named James Lind. With that said, let’s take a look at six best foods for your skin, hair, and nails.


Biotin is a vitamin b-complex that is reputed to play a role in the body’s production of keratin and walnuts are where it is at. In addition to biotin, walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Another magic product for your hair is Brazil nuts – one of the best sources of selenium. Along with a healthy dose of selenium and oodles of protein, Brazil nuts may help with hair and nail deficiencies such as weakness at the structural level and hair loss. Some may find it challenging to include raw nuts into their daily menu; in that case butters made of nuts come to the rescue.

Red meat

Despite the bad press that has often been associated with red meat it is a ready source of concentrated proteins. It gets even better though because red meat is also rich in iron, a vital ingredient in hair and nail health. While you don’t need to eat it every day, consuming a reasonable amount of red meat once a week could be ideal, especially if you have been diagnosed as iron deficient.


Blueberries provide molecular level protection against free radicle damage and if you didn’t know already, that not only affects hair, skin, and nail condition. Free radical damage is also consistent with reduced immune system related illnesses such as cancer and other serious conditions. Loaded with antioxidants, blueberries really are one of nature’s super foods when it comes to protecting your physical appearance and delaying the signs of ageing.

Whey protein

Apart from other benefits of using whey protein, it also plays a vital role in the condition of your hair because it is used to make keratin. A lack of keratin is often manifest in hair going into what is known as a resting phase” where naturally lost hair isn’t replaced and this leads to noticeable hair loss. Dairy products are rich in whey protein and they are also a recommended ingredient in keto (low carb) diets as natural Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and butter.

It is worth noting that too much whey protein, especially if you’re using protein shakes, has been cited as a possible cause of acne. So, if you do find yourself breaking out, consider cutting back and using a different protein source, like meat and eggs.

And now the really good news about beer

Beer is one of the richest sources of dietary silicon and that is responsible for increasing circulation to your scalp. It acts to reduce hair and nail brittleness and having a glass of beer a day will provide you with over 10 milligrams of silicon. It is always worth mentioning, however, that the negative effects of consuming excesses of alcohol far outweigh any positive gains so if you already consume above average amounts you may want to pass on the beer.

Omega-3 rich salmon

Biotin comes into the picture of healthy nails, hair, and skin again along with omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. Said to promote smooth moisturized skin, salmon also aids in scalp health and that means healthier hair follicles too. This health-promoting all-rounder also uses omega-3 as an anti-inflammatory where healthy nail plates are concerned too.    

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