6 Career Paths With And Without A College Degree

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Obtaining a good college degree is viewed as reaching the pinnacle in education. A college education will come with financial success. No wonder people feel compelled to incur huge amounts of debt to make the dream come true.

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, in 2015, among 68% of college graduates who borrowed money for school, the average amount owed was $30,100.

However, going to college does have it’s pros. With a college degree you immediately stand ahead of the crowd and are more in favor of getting the job, especially for professional careers.

Let’s look at 6 career paths you can get into with or without a college degree.

1. Web Developer

To really succeed as a web developer, you need to be self-motivated and stay ahead of the latest in programming. Web development is an in-demand career that has an estimated growth percentile of 27 between 2014 and 2024.

You do not have to go to college to make it as a web developer. There are scores of great online schools and companies that do an excellent job of teaching all the ins and outs of web development. However, one of the best ways to learn web development is to go out into the field and practice programming and coding.

As a web developer you are responsible for designing how a website looks, which is called front-end development or be responsible for the back-end which is the technical functioning of the site.

2. Communication Specialist

As a communication specialist you would be responsible to manage the internal and external communications of a company. When handling internal communications, you’d be dealing with functions such as job descriptions, memos and notes from management.

External communications on the other hand deal with handling all press releases, including designing and editing them, as well as handling marketing materials. Other responsible that goes with this job are the management of media and marketing events, as well as arranging informal meetings for employees.

A Communications Specialist would need to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has become the new traditional marketing. As a digital marketer you would be involved in creating a company’s communication strategy. Depending on your experience and your expertise, you may work across several areas or specialize in just a few areas.

Key areas you’d be dealing with will be social media marketing: by developing a company’s online presence, search engine optimization: developing strategies to increase visitors to a site, mobile marketing, which includes app-based and sms marketing, as well as affiliate marketing, where you’d allow other businesses to sell your products on their website.

It is a very exciting world with digital marketing salaries going up to more than $150,000. Everything about digital marketing can be learned online without any need to visit a college.

4. Food Scientist

Food scientists use their knowledge of biology, engineering and chemistry to improve existing food as well as develop new food. They are responsible for altering the nutritional value of a food product, by changing its flavor, appearance and texture, as well as change its packaging and production process.

Food scientists are generally employed by federal government agencies, academic institutions or food processing companies. As a food scientist you might hold a bachelor or a graduate degree. All depending on what your job entails.

5. Real Estate Broker

As long as there are buildings to live in or to conduct business in, real estate brokers will always have a job. As a real estate broker, you will rent, sell or buy property on behalf of clients. As such you will perform duties such as interviewing prospective clients, show clients around property listed to be sold or rented.

You will study property listings and discuss conditions of sale as well as draw up real estate contracts. This career path requires at the most only a high school diploma and a desire to succeed.

6. Political Scientist

A political scientist is required to study the development, origin and the operation of political systems. Their job requires them to analyze governments and research political ideas. They help with crafting policies, study political trends and issues related to the world of politics.

To achieve this, you would need a degree in political science, even much better a graduate degree. Your job description would include studying topics such as political decision making, ideologies and public opinion.

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