6 Reasons Why Your Child is Likely to Do Better with a Home Tutor

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There are people who swear that no child needs a home tutor if the school is doing its job, but that point of view is both wrong and ignorant for so many reasons. In case you are considering home tuition for your own child, here are six reasons why that might actually be a great idea.

When the School Classes are Not Enough

A class in school caters to everyone. Irrespective of how good or attentive a teacher is, he/she just cannot possibly attend to each student individually, without slowing down the progress of the entire class. This becomes a serious problem as the children grow up and begin to tackle the complex concepts of science and maths. More often than not, students just pretend to understand what is being taught even when they don’t, for the fear of social ridicule. Teachers To Your Home directly addresses this very real problem faced by thousands of students all over the UK on a daily basis. They send qualified and experienced teachers for home tuition so that every student gets all the extra attention and care they need to understand their lessons and excel in class. If your child is falling behind in class in spite of your best efforts, it’s time to hire a private tutor.

Not Everyone Understands Everything in the Same Way

There is a common misconception in the mind of parents which can be summarised as the belief that anyone can do anything under the same circumstances. Inspiring as it may seem, it’s just not true, and this puts unfair pressure on a young student’s mind. Everyone learns at their own pace and some just learn in a different way altogether. If your child is not able to follow in class, then the reason is more likely the fact that he/she needs a different approach to education. An experienced home tutor can provide just that. As a home tutor will devote all the time to your child, it shouldn’t be hard for him/her to figure out what works best and apply that knowledge to best effect. For example, visual learners are generally not able to follow lessons taught in class because they need visual representations to make sense of what they are being taught.

Closing Knowledge Gaps

Having gaps in knowledge is one of the worst things that can happen to any student during the early years of school because the problem just keeps mounting on from there onwards. Each year, the education in the new year is heavily dependent on the education provided to the students in the earlier years. That’s a big problem for a student who has gaps in his understanding or, in other words, unconsolidated knowledge from previous school years. A private tutor can stop this from becoming a big snowball by identifying the gaps and filling them, before progressing to the next level of education.

Instilling Discipline

It isn’t uncommon for students to neglect their studies unless it’s time for their exams; at which point, a major portion of everything they learn in a hurry is forgotten soon after. Having a private tutor at home changes this routine of cramming lessons at the last moment for an upcoming examination by instilling a regular curriculum. Following this discipline ensures that by the time the exams actually arrive, your child is no longer stressed about it, nor is he/she staying up at night studying for it because the preparation began a long time ago and the extra-long pre-exam nights are no longer necessary.

Private Tuition is Not Limited to Academics Only

A private tutor doesn’t necessarily have to teach your child math, English or science if he/she doesn’t need the extra help. Instead, you can hire a tutor to teach your child how to sing or play a musical instrument, or maybe even learn a third or fourth language. Whatever it is that your child wants to learn, there’s a private tutor out there who can teach that to him/her. Having even just one extra skill can be the make or break difference later on in life for the young student.

Achieving Perfection: Does a Good Student need a Tutor?

What if you have a child who is already good in class? Do you still need a private tutor at home? Well, this depends on the parents really because, in such a situation, it isn’t a necessity. That being said, if you want your child to do even better and hone his/her skills to the point of perfection, then the answer is yes, you do need a private tutor, even when your child is doing pretty well. If he/she is doing so well without any private attention, just imagine how much more the same student would be able to achieve with some personal tutoring. Give it a short-term trial run and if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the old ways.

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