6 Things To Consider Before You Go For Studying Abroad

May 2, 2018 by

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Are you planning to study abroad? If you have made up your mind, you must be feeling jittery. There are so many things you need to do before you leave for your study destination. You might have decided the country and the course you desire to pursue. Everything might seem super exciting but, wait, you are not going for a foreign trip; you are going away from your family, out of the country for some serious study purpose.

There are a few things you would need to consider before you leave for studying abroad:

Ensure the paper-work is done well:

You must have consulted a visa provider or agent that offers student visa services. Get the passport as soon as possible and proceed with a student visa. Visa procedure takes time, sometimes a few months or a year. Follow your adviser’s guidelines. Collect all the essential documents and get the paper-work done in a stipulated time.

If your passport is old, make sure it’s not expiring in short period of time. It should last beyond your semester end. Talk to your agent and know if you have to pass any exams prior the admission. The documentation depends on a lot of things like your study qualification, language ability, grades, and attempts etc. Have copies of original documents in case if you lose any of them.

Do research in advance and secure as many things as you can:

Before you move to the new city, it is crucial for you to do some research. Get to know as much as you can about the new country and the city. Ask if any of your friends are joining you to study in the same institution or city. Know about the languages and culture of the land and get details of the festivals.

Along with securing the university and course, try to book your flights earliest. Decide the place (area of the city and hostel or apartment) you would love to reside. If you have planned some other trip before landing to your study destination, make sure you have booked tickets on the right timings. Stay updated with news coming from your new destination.

Get all the necessary health check-ups before you embark your journey:

It might seem negligible but, it is not. Having a medical check-up before you leave your country is highly critical. If you would face any problem after reaching your study destination, you might feel helpless or alone to help yourself. Accept it, missing home and feeling a bit of loneliness is pretty normal when you land in a new country. Grow up and get a full health check-up; it would work in your favor.

Let your family and friends know where you are going and how to remain in contact:

Although you are all grown up and capable of living alone while you are studying abroad, staying in touch is important. Try to update your at least one family member or a friend when you leave the campus or room. Leave a text if you are off on a weekend trip or night out or anything.

Exchange phone numbers with your new friends or landlord. Provide your family members emergency contact details. Do the same with your new pals and landlord. It is good for the sake of your own safety. You are in an unknown country/city, Keep someone updated with your activities.

Do not pack everything you have:

Yes, please! You might think that you are going away for a long time and not sure when would you visit your home-land. However, you are not supposed to pack everything you have. Clothes, shoes, favorite mugs, other old gifts and what not. Keep in mind that you are not going to use everything you pack. So, pack less, pack light.

You might not need all the apparels in a new country that you use in your homeland. The atmosphere and culture have a whole lot of difference and so have your requirements and sense of styling. Also, you would need a flight or two, then a train or bus or cab to catch until you reach your final destination. Carrying too much of luggage would cause pain.

Maintain your budget:

Believe it or not but, you would need to find ideas for saving a few bucks. You would not be allowed to work right after reaching your study destination. Make a plan now and strategies on how to save money while you study there. What are the cheap ways of living and buying things? Use discount deals and Couponobox for online coupons. It would be greatly helpful to manage your budget abroad.

The thought of studying abroad might sound enthralling and indeed it is, but, there are several consequences too. You should be mentally prepared to face some challenges along with maintaining your focus on the main purpose – studying.

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