6 Top Secrets to improve how you learn

Apr 8, 2019 by

It is an understood fact that the process of learning new things is not limited to a particular age, school or grade because we learn new things daily even without realizing. An individual may not attend a college or university after getting good grades from high school, but the learning process continues. Some of the people join educational institutes to learn what they want, and some people attend seminars, workshops, and lecture for learning. Learning is not all about getting good grades in class, but skills or knowledge we learn can help us in different walks of life such as in career, parenting, business processes, relationships and so on. Which means improving your learning skills could be a significant step to transform the way how you learn.

Skills like good listening speed reading and good comprehension can make you a great learner. However, below are some secrets to improve how you learn that you can keep in mind while working on improving your learning skills either as a student or a professional.

Organize your Study and learn to manage time

Organizing your study and effective time management are the basic things you need to take good care of when it comes to learn more effectively. You can organize your study by creating a study schedule as it gives you a clear picture of what and when you need to learn, what learning materials are required and how to divide your time for different learning sessions. A study schedule is also known as a motivational tool that keeps students motivated towards their learning goals. A study schedule template, a classy wrist watch like jaeger lecoultre and prioritized study goals are the basic things required to organize a study schedule and to manage time effectively for efficient learning.

Focus on Notes Taking

Become an active note taker in the class or lecture if you really want to improve your learning skills. I am not talking about writing down the entire lesson or lecture on your notebook, but you must write down the important points of the lecture or lesson to make things easier for further revisions. It can help you keep things in your mind for a long while.

Establish Your Learning Style

Which style of learning helps you a lot to learn things quickly? Visual learning, auditory learning or practical learning? Identify the best learning style and stick with it in order to learn effectively than ever. These days, the internet is the best place to find the learning materials that suits your learning style help you consume the information or knowledge you want to take on. For instance, if you are an auditory learner, you can get lessons or lectures on CDs, podcasts or other forms of audio content to consume the information as per your learning style and pace.

Keep yourself Prepared

Whether you are going to attend a lecture, class, workshop or training session, keep yourself prepared by doing some study to have an idea of what will be taught and what learning materials would be used. It will help you retain the information and knowledge in the best possible way without getting distracted while you are learning. Try to prepare yourself for a lecture, class or lesson almost 15 minutes ago in order to learn and digest the knowledge accordingly.

Enjoy 8 hours of good night’s sleep Everyday

Spending enough time in bed for a good night’s sleep is the best way to keep yourself fresh and energetic to learn effectively. 8 hours of sleep are recommended by the healthcare professionals and can keep you focused during the learning process. However, one should vary sleeping time depending on the material or information he/she wants to learn. For instance, going early to the bed for deep sleep is a great idea for people who learn the facts like names, date, and formulas. After waking up early in the morning, they should revise the information they had been learning the day before.

Designate a Study Area

The environment, in which you learn can have a direct impact on the way you learn. For instance, revision of class notes at the coffee shop or coffee may sound good for you but human distraction could be the problem to remember the stuff for the long run. That is the reason; one should designate a study area or environment in order to learn things greatly. Turning all the notifications off is also a great idea to maintain the best learning environment.

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