7 Benefits Of Going To Music School

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The debate rages on as to whether it’s a good idea to go to music school or not. Gifted artists might argue that you can reach success with pure talent alone, while others say you should get a solid grounding in the fundamentals to create your best work.

For now, let’s just zero in on some of the benefits of going to music school:

#1: Gets You Focused

Our work-a-day world makes it hard to find the time to study music and increase your ability level. Going to music school cuts out all of the other distractions so you’re able to focus on what you love instead of all the minutiae of daily living. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes when you can concentrate fully, you can cover far more ground in much less time.

#2: Gets You Networking

Perhaps one of the best benefits of going to music school is the classmates you meet while you’re there. They’ll all have a similar interest in music, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to talk for hours about your passion with other like-minded individuals. This can be hard to do replicate outside of a music school, and many of the friendships formed can lead to a profitable partnership later on.

#3: Opens New Doors

By going to music school you’ll be getting a solid foundation that you can build from, and this can lead to new roads that you might not have considered otherwise. It not only gives you the ability to play an instrument or produce music, it also gives you the credentials necessary to teach music in the future if you so choose.

#4: Gets You Serious

Nothing gets you more serious than putting your money on the line, and by going to music school you’ll be paying tuition which can turn a passing hobby into a legitimate profession. if you found that you have just been dabbling in music with a pipe dream to make it your job, enrolling in music school can be the catalyst you need to turn your dreams into reality.

#5: Learn By Doing

Music school is like going to a trade school, you get to practice what you want to do right from the start and it’s all hands-on training. Rather than studying theory and hoping to get a job  related to your major, you are learning the skills necessary to have a successful career long after you’re done with school. It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to learn.

#6: Creates Structure

Musicians left to their own devices will often find a reason not to study their craft. By going to music school you are given a schedule and required to be in class at a certain time practicing your instrument or learning a new production skill. There is accountability to your professors and this creates enough of a drive to get you up and out of bed and into the classroom.

#7: Doesn’t Take Long

Unlike a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree, you can go to a 2-year music school and be done in half the time, only studying things you are interested in the entire time. You’ll find that with the lower cost and the shorter time commitment, it just makes sense to go to music school if you are on the fence.

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