7 doctor notes samples and how they should look

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If you hold a position as a doctor or any kind of medical professional, then you are probably not unfamiliar with the notion of issuing doctor’s notes for a multitude of reasons. Patients will ask for such documents either for work, school, and other similar situations, and sometimes it might be understandably difficult to issue a note appropriate for that particular case.

If you are unsure how to format or structure your note, we are here to help you with this brief write-up. For this article, we have decided to cover only a handful of templates that we thought most people will need, but if you want something more specific, make sure to check out more examples on templatesassistant.com. Without further ado, here are seven doctor notes samples and how they should look.

Doctor’s Note Template for School

The doctor’s note for school is one of the most basic and frequently requested documents. However, the format of the doctor’s note could vary according to the requirements of the school, which leaves you with two possibilities: you can either keep it brief and concise, with fields for the student’s name, date of issuing, time, the specialist who diagnosed the student and the date of leave or go into full detail. The template shown here is in the former category, but you can always modify it to suit the situation.

Doctor’s Note for Work Template

Another frequently requested document is the doctor’s note for work. In case the patient needs only a basic excuse slip with the name of the patient and the period of leave, this template is the most appropriate.

But be aware that some companies might require more information in order to validate the period of leave, case in which you might want to add a few more fields for diagnosis, the patient’s place of employment, and other relevant information. But for your typical, day to day excuse slip, this template is more than enough.

Doctor’s Excuse Note Template

Schools and company’s will, in many cases, require an excuse note that explains their health problems in great detail. While this doctor’s note is a little more complicated to tackle than the others, this template is comprehensive and broad enough to cover any possible situation.

The doctor’s excuse note should have a letterhead stating the medical center that issued it and the address, as well as fields for name, gender, age, date, name of the patient, period of leave and a whole section where the doctor explains the patient’s situation. Do not forget to mention details related to the symptoms, diagnosis, restrictions, prescribed meds or treatments, and other relevant information about the patient’s health situation.

Urgent Care Doctor’s Note Template

This doctor’s note should be issued only when the patient was caught off guard by a contagious or noncontagious disease, a severe physical injury or other health conditions that require immediate medical intervention. Therefore, the urgency of the situation should be clearly emphasized in the note in order to avoid any potential confusion. Make sure to include details such as the patient’s name, diagnosis, period of leave, restrictions, and the name and signature of the doctor.

Standard Doctor’s Note Template

This is one of the most basic doctor’s notes templates that you will find. If the school or employer does not request specific details about the patient’s situation, this multi-purpose note can be safely issued with no problems. The top part of the note (the letterhead) should include, in this order, the doctor’s name, address of medical center or private practice, city, state, and phone number. In the middle part, include a section that mentions the name of the patient, period of care and leave, followed by several fields for comments from the physician. Obviously, the bottom part of the note should have a section reserved for the signature of the doctor.

Alternative Doctor Note Template

This doctor’s note is a tad more complex and official looking, but it is not very hard to pull off. The greatest thing about this template is that it covers any situation without cluttering the space too much. On the letterhead, there should be a section dedicated to the name of the clinic, its address, and phone number. Next up, there should a section that details the patient’s personal details, such as name, weight, gender, age, height, date, and a field for symptoms. Additionally, one could include several fields stating the period of leave, condition, symptoms, and prescription.

Blank Doctor Note for Appointment Template

If you are the kind of person who likes to personally customize documents, this template is great for this purpose. It covers all the things that a school or a company might require while allowing you to add other details you and the other parties deem relevant. On the upper part of the doctor’s note, you will find four separate fields where one can fill in the physician’s name, two fields for the clinic’s address in case it is too large to fit into a single one, and the phone number.

The middle section of the note has several fields for the name of the patient, and the date and time of the doctor’s appointment. Additionally, the physician can add a few notes describing the situation in the large box and the bottom part of the note, followed by a signature and date.


Doctor’s notes are one of the most common and requested types of documents. Because they basically justify the absence of the patient from their place of employment or school, every doctor’s note should be constructed in such a way that they offer all the relevant information about the person’s condition, prescription, restrictions, and other relevant details. If you are unsure how the doctor’s note you are issuing should look, take a look at these seven templates, and you might find something suited to your situation.

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