7 Online Courses to Boost Your Career Prospects

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Online education is not a novel concept; distance learning is its forebear. However, the internet’s explosion in popularity and gadgets within reach have widened the appeal of taking courses outside traditional classrooms. There’s also an indefinite number of online courses that can be completed in a day or an hour.

Never stop learning, so they say. Having additional degrees, certificates, or training courses is particularly useful for people in the workforce like you. Supplemental education can boost your employability and likelihood to get promoted, become better at what you do, and be prepared for what life throws at you.

Education is surely an investment in yourself. And the following digital courses are a step toward the right path to success and self-improvement.

Machine Learning (ML)

A product of artificial intelligence, machine learning explores how computers act on data with little to no intervention from humans. Virtual personal assistants, traffic predictions, and face recognition are real-life applications of ML.

Google AI lends its expertise on the subject with courses and exercises. You can also take the course entirely online at Stanford University with a broad introduction to the study and more.


When you code, you use a programming language that sets out tasks for the computer to execute. It’s a step toward mastering a programming language or moving to more difficult ones.

Why learn coding? Because it can land you a lucrative job if you become a skilled programmer and develop problem-solving, logical, and creative skills. You also get to join nonsoftware engineers who have learned to code.

Personal Finance

How do credit cards work? How much debt is normal? Learning how to manage your finances wisely is a good start to taking control of your life.

If you know where your money goes, you become more mindful of your financial decisions. As you set goals for savings, investments, or maybe early retirement, your motivation to work and earn more may increase.

Mobile App Development

Apps exist to solve real-life problems, like finding the fastest route to commute, chatting with friends, and looking up cute animal videos. If you want to resolve a problem or think you have a better solution to something, try building a mobile app. Truly, not all apps become ultrapopular and rake in money through ads, but it’s a skill that you can put to good use someday.

Digital Marketing

More than a buzzword, digital marketing connects with people who spend an average of 24 hours a week online. With businesses employing SEO, social media, email marketing, and other strategies to succeed, it’s plausible to come across digital marketing at some point in your career. You’ll catch scores of techniques on how to make targeted ads, create a strong online presence, among other things.


Say, you have dreams of owning a business after X years of working. You can learn the fundamentals from online courses provided by top business schools and learning platforms.

Writing a business plan, accounting, networking, and engaging with employees are some of the skills that can prepare you to succeed. Even if you were to stick around in the corporate world, you can still apply what business courses taught you on leadership and management.

Personality Development

How do you intend to present yourself to people you meet or work with? Consider taking personality-development classes to boost your self-confidence, from grooming and improving written and oral communication skills to rewiring your brain. Also, don’t forget persuasion, negotiation, and time management for achieving personal success.

The Internet as Your Door to Learning

The internet is paving access to meaningful courses that can change your life for the better. Because your classes are online, your connection has to be fast for the videos, exercises, or modules to load.

One pro tip is to use a computer. Study on your mobile phone if you are on the go, but switch to a computer when you get home. A computer, through an Ethernet cable, connects to the internet directly. The setup does not rely on a wireless signal that may experience slow or dead spots in the house.

If you have multiple devices that connect to the internet, manage with a Gigabit switch. The device utilizes packet switching, whereby data is broken into bits that are sent over the network at gigabit speed.

Here’s to a fruitful career and life ahead!

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