7 Useful Online Tools for Students

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At college or university, your lecturers will use plagiarism checking software to make sure that your assignment or dissertation is original. They want to know that you have not copied any work and all of your research is your own. But are you sure that the work you are handing in is free from plagiarism? We are not saying you have deliberately copied someone else’s work; it can easily be done without knowing it. But if you are not sure, you should really check it before you say it is complete. How can you do this today? You can try to  check my paper for plagiarism free with help of Edubirdie tool. This online checker is fast and easy to use. Just take your document and upload it and then it will be checked against millions of sources on the internet. It will show you exact matches so you can change them ahead of your deadline. This is going to make sure you get the best grade possible and avoid any discipline for accidental plagiarism.

Technology and education should not be separated as they go hand in hand, if not classified as one and the same. Combining educational materials with interactive technology has been proven to increase learning and promote more innovative means of retention than the usual textbook. The following are some of the best apps and websites that can be of great help to IT students interested in utilizing technology to their advantage concerning their studies:


As a student, your folders and files contain important information that should be protected from loss. SugarSync shall make you feel confident of your work’s safety, as well as make your job easier by synchronizing your targeted files on multiple devices. The app is easy to use and allows you to backup, access, sync and share your photos, documents, music and video on your computers and mobile phones. There are many occasions when you have been away from your office or room and realized you need a file on your computer. SugarSync places all your files on your palm from any other mobile device or computer, enabling you to do what you need to your files while on the go.

With the help of this site, you can always get your assignments and papers ready for submission. The company assigns your work to real experts and experienced custom essay writers; hence you are assured of excellent results. The following are reasons you can entrust them with your assignment:

  • They are fast, providing service responds to all your queries efficiently and quickly.
  • The writers are patient and devoted to helping you with any form of academic writing.
  • EssayPro have excellent researchers who are able to find the relevant information for your task within the best timeframe.
  • The professional essay writers have enough experience under their belt in academic writing.


When you do not comprehend what your eloquent professor is trying to express or say, you can access this mobile app and translate his words into simple expressions. Dictionary.com is a worldwide used digital dictionary. They provide millions of definitions (you can select your language), spellings, example sentences and audio pronunciations. The application’s primary registered source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, which is frequently updated by a team of expert lexicographers and supplied with established and trusted sources, including the American Heritage as well as Harper Collins to guide a range of language needs.


BenchPrep is very popular. Over one million students use it over 20 nations. It delivers intuitive, game-based and personalized learning experience for both web and mobile devices. It is an extensive library of interactive test prep courses that help you find all the exam study material you need. The site also gives a good base of study lessons, flashcards, and practice questions. BenchPrep provides a comprehensive toolkit that includes content management system, exam prep engine, educator tools, mathematical solutions and a wide variety of instructional and content design services.


Koofers was founded in 2008 and is a consumer internet platform that makes your life in school easier by providing free access to practice exams, test banks, professor ratings, grade distribution information, class schedule maker and flashcards. The site also provides opportunities for various fields including tech interns and even permanent employment. The enterprise campus recruiting solution allows recruiting firms to find easily and vet through a large number of students looking for internships or full-time jobs.


When you need to study extensively for exams, you can log into OpenStudy and be part of the study groups for programming, mathematics or other courses or modules you take. You will get instant help from someone. Get assistance from someone within a short period. You can also become a respected helper if you are the guru. Assist them understand a concept or solve a coding problem. You can earn money if you are a verified helper. Be a savior to someone!

The more you help someone, you get recognition by being awarded a volunteering certificate.


When tackling an assignment or essay, you have to make sure it is perfect in all areas before submitting. Through this website, you can personally edit your work to smooth out the content and start getting good grades on your academic projects and assignments.

Regardless of the field, you have specialized in, and it would be bad for you to submit inferior work. You might be the best linguist and even after double-checking personally, your content might contain grammatical mistakes and misspellings that may deny you those marks. Grammarly is recommended for you. They offer the most advanced plagiarism finding and editing services.

The above tools are useful in making your life easier, especially in the field of technology where most subjects and modules are practical and less theory is involved. Regardless of the course, any of those sites and apps can suit you depending on your needs. The only thing you need is your mobile phone or laptop.

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