7 Reasons to Use SignNow Electronic Signatures in the Workflow Process

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7 Reasons to Use SignNow Electronic Signatures in the Workflow Process

Digital signature (CPU) allows you to verify the authorship of an electronic document. It is a modern alternative to traditional handwriting.  Electronic signatures are a type of signatures created by the cryptographic transformation of a set of electronic data added to this set or combined with it, which allows you to confirm its integrity and identify the signer.

High Degree of Security

The issue of security is especially important for the platform because the safety of user data depends on it. The data is protected with a 256-bit encryption algorithm. Moreover, the person who signs up undergoes two-factor authorization (optional): using a password, phone call, or SMS.

The degree of protection of documents in available tariff plans is the same. The main difference between them lies only in the number of available options and users who can work as a team and use shared libraries at the same time. But the security always remains equally high.

An Elementary Process of Registering and Creating Your Own Signature

There are different ways to register. Look at the image: you can see where to click to create a profile. So, instead of a lengthy initial registration, the service allows you to go through simplified identity verification and subscribe using email, Facebook profile, or Google account.

Upon completion of the registration process, you can proceed to the main functionality of the system. The first step is to create your own electronic signature. It’s a simple yet fun process. You will love the results.

Easy to Get Started with Helpful Tutorials

SignNow training is created in the format of interactive instructions. You follow the suggested steps one-by-one and understand how to continue working with the platform. If some steps remain unclear, you can return to them and go through them again.

An interactive training system for working with the platform provides more value than ordinary videos or written instructions. This is because you not just look but also immediately apply knowledge in practice, and it turns out to be much easier to remember what is where and which buttons to click.

Many Useful Features that Easily Coexist with Usability

All the basic functionality is collected on the right side of the page, and it is easy to find the desired option here. This is called usability or intuitive interface. At the same time, it is wonderfully combined with a huge set of functions that open up additionally. Let’s talk about some in more detail.

Signature Creation

To create a signature that you can use in the future, you need to go to the user profile. Here, you can manage your personal signatures.

Uploading Documents

It is very easy to upload files to SignNow. It is enough to click on the Download button in the upper left corner. All files uploaded to the system are displayed in the central part of the page in the Documents category. If a document needs to be stung, select it and click More. A menu will open with a dozen different options. Find Delete among them and click on it. Deleted files are temporarily stored in the recycle bin.

Make Template

Any document or letterhead can be turned into a template. This is done in two clicks: select the desired document and click Make Template. A copy of the document is created, which can be edited, renamed, formatted, etc. A complete list of available options can be found in the More drop-down menu.

Compatible with any Document

The service works great with different formats of electronic files: pictures, text documents, scanned copies. The most suitable option for working with the platform is PDF.

For the convenience of working with documents, getapp.com, like many other sites with honest user reviews, gave SignNow a rating of 4.6.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing Policy

Every new user is suggested to use the free trial version before paying for any of the plans. The trial is issued for 7 days. It is assumed that this time will be enough for you to familiarize yourself in detail with the functionality of the resource and understand whether it is suitable for your purposes. Full versions of the product differ in functionality, depending on the tariff plan you choose. In general, the pricing policy is reduced to a monthly subscription fee. It costs from $8 for each person.

Look below to learn how much SignNow costs in different cases:

No Paperwork. Save time

SignNow is set to revolutionize the world of workflow. It’s already doing it. Back in 2012, the service received a grant for the development and has achieved a lot since then. SignNow has developed functional applications for mobile devices and a practical web workshop for working with documents. But there are other benefits too:

  • No need to waste time on meetings. Indeed, for a personal meeting, someone needs to come to the office or a conference room or, sometimes, even travel somewhere. With SignNow, you should not do it instead of your main plans and spend the time that could be used with benefit.
  • You don’t have to print and send registered or courier letters to the addressee. The whole process, from the moment of creating a document to receiving it in a signed version, takes no more than an hour or even less.
  • A business can avoid maintaining a huge archive. All data is in the cloud.

In the end, the trees are preserved because now, they will not be processed into paper.

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