7 Skills a Business Degree Will Teach You

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When it comes to college degrees, some niches are so specific that you can’t veer off course too much. While others teach students skills and information that can be applied to various careers and aspects of life. Business degrees are one of these majors. Students learn and strengthen a variety of skills from interpersonal communication to marketing and finances. A degree at UAB MBA will also teach concepts like chain management. If you’re looking for a universal major that can take you in several different directions, a business degree might be the answer. Read on to discover 8 skills a business degree teaches and how you can apply those in to various careers.

1. Written and Oral Communication

Without effective communication, you won’t get very far in terms of work (or even your personal life). When it comes to running a business or working in one, you need to communicate effectively with coworkers, staff, and customers. Business is about forming relationships, voicing concerns, asking questions, and effectively delivering your message. All of these skills are perfected with a business degree. In retail, a lot of communication is done in person between customers and staff. But in the growing age of technology, the ability to communicate professionally via email or other written means is equally important. All too often, a message is lost in translation if the proper verbage isn’t used through the written word. Students will become master communicators while obtaining a business degree.

2. Work Ethic

Working in the world of business is all about hustle. Many business or sales jobs are full-commission, which means employees only make as much as they work for. Students struggling to adopt a healthy work ethic might benefit greatly from a business degree. Hopeful entrepreneurs often major in business. Starting your own business is nothing short of insanity in terms of the commitment and demand on your time, body, and mind. When it comes to working hard for what you want, business is where it’s at.

3. Finances

Business majors will learn the basics of finances including budgeting, calculating overhead, and how to judge the market. All of these ingredients flow into a successful business plan. Not to mention, students especially, can benefit from a basic education in budgeting. In the world of business, the saying goes “it takes money to make money”, and while this is true, business majors need to understand how to properly allocate funds. Otherwise, they might end up like so many other new businesses that close before they reach the 3 year mark. A business major may not graduate as a math wiz but they will possess basic principles that they can apply throughout their life.

4. Management

Managing people is a huge part of working for any business. Even if you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, you need to effectively interact with your coworkers. It’s about teamwork and understanding how to efficiently manage both people and your time. When you do find yourself in a managerial role, it’s important to understand the difference between micromanaging or controlling employees and working as a team sharing the same vision and goals. A business degree covers all of these skills and more. Time management is something all college students and graduates can benefit from. It’s an essential life skill that is strengthened with a business degree.

5. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Students and graduates will forever be faced with problems. It’s simply part of life. Problem solving skills are taught as early as elementary school. This promotes critical thinking, process of elimination, and brainstorming. A business degree program focuses heavily on critical thinking and problem solving. Applicants should be able to think quick on their feet and make big decisions with conviction and confidence. Not a day goes by in the business world without a small snafu or mishap. When students are properly trained in handling these types of issues, they can calmly and efficiently find and apply a solution. The entire process of problem solving requires critical thinking. These two skills go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, in business and in life, you need to think outside of the box and create innovative ways for solving your problem and reaching your goals. Even if students never use their business degree, they’ll undoubtedly use these skills in their lives and career.

6. Decision Making

For some people, making decisions are tough. After all, 80% of college students change their major at least once before graduation. So even landing in the field of business is a difficult decision to make. But once students commit to a business degree, they’ll learn skills to help them more effectively make well thought out decisions. Just like with problem solving, business majors will learn to think on the fly and make well-calculated decisions regarding employees, the business plan, and finances. In the world of business, things don’t always go as planned. This requires employees to shift focus without getting flustered or overwhelmed. Students can apply this concept to both work and their personal life, helping them to remain calm in the face of a crisis or adversity.

7. Presentation and Interpersonal Skills

Outside of communication skills, presentation and interpersonal skills are two more ways that people effectively deliver a message. Working with and presenting to others is a major part of any business. While millions of people fear public speaking, a business degree will help students hone their craft and find inner confidence. Basic principles of public speaking include being prepared, engaging the audience, speaking clearly, and remembering that practice makes perfect. In time, students will learn to handle their nerves. No matter what career path a student chooses, they need to know how to work effectively with other people. Interpersonal skills are taught while pursuing a business degree and can be applied long after in all aspects of life.

Students will learn countless valuable lessons and life skills in college. And while each major offers different tools, a business degree is diverse in many important life skills. It’s also the foundation of countless careers from sales to real estate, human resources, and most everything in between. For students undecided on a major, business can prepare them for both life and work.  

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