7 Things Admissions Officers Are Looking for in Your Admission Essay

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College application statement is an opportunity for you to showcase the reasons an admission officer should approve your request to join college. However, composing a perfect essay that is hard to reject is an arduous task. Majority of college applicants write admission essays that are too shallow. Others write an essay that is boring to read and does not capture the interests of admission officers such as the best swing sets. This results to an automatic rejection of the application. www.valforex.com  offers another option for a great opportunity. Here are some things that admission officers are looking for, when reviewing your college application essay:

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Your writing capabilities

One of the reasons for admission application essays is to gauge your writing capabilities. The college application essay is a perfect opportunity that an admission officer can use to measure your writing skills. At the structural level, you application essay should show elements of coherence and organization. The paragraphing should be done in a proper manner, and should contain a properly written thesis statement. Coming up with a good thesis is one of the challenging tasks that college applicants face. That is why most students will contract an Australian essay writing service expert to help them with their admission essays.

The following are other qualities of a good essay that admission officers will be looking for:

  • Good writing style: The paper should contain an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should always have a “hook” that helps to attract the attention of your reader.
  • Facts contained in the essay are correct and verifiable: Whatever is contained in your essay should be verifiable through the sources and references you provide.
  • Focused writing: Focus on your thesis statement. Do not write an essay paper that is beyond your thesis.
  • Proper use of language and grammar: A good essay contains limited or no grammatical mistakes. Always proofread your admission essay before submission.

Your personality

Admission officers have an interest in knowing more about you. Admission essays give them a better opportunity to know who you are, what your interests and capabilities are. Therefore, your essay should create a feeling that an admission officer knows you at a personal level. Don’t make the mistakes of writing too much informative essay and ignoring to give it a personal touch. Your admission will be neglected in favor of the next best candidate.

What personal reflections are contained in your essay?

Ensure that you include some personal reflections about yourself in an admission essay. The reflections should be personal and deep, and allow you to write on issues that motivate you explaining why. A well written reflection is a plus to an admission essay, and it will help to create a positive personality of you. When writing a reflection about yourself, avoid talking about your achievements and academic scores. These are well depicted in your application. Tell them why you are motivated to act in a manner that reflects your achievements.

How can you contribute to the school community?

The admission officer has an interest to know the contributions you will make to the school community. Well, if your admission essays mirrors you as an active student, with the capability to contribute positively to the school community, you will get an admission. However, it does not mean that you must have some very unique qualities or talents. Identify some verifiable and genuine talents you have, and how the school community is going to benefit from them.

Whether the qualities identified in the admission essay are compatible with other applications.

Admission officers have an interest to know whether you have the same capabilities with other applicants. This is because they are interested in admitting the best applicants to their school. Note that, one reason for writing an admission essay is to judge your capabilities compared to other students. Always ensure that you identify your capabilities without exaggerating them. Exaggeration may raise red-flags, and your application may be thrown to the dustbin.

Does the qualities depicted in your essay consistent with your application?

Make sure that when writing your application essay, you should not contradict your applicant’s information. For example, if in your college application, you denote that your hobbies are to play football, stick it, when writing your application essay. Putting other sporting activities may raise eyebrows about your reliability-and this may cost you a place in the school.

Does your essay depict an interest on the program you want to pursue?

Why should you write an admission essay, and do not explain your interest to the course you are applying for? This is one of the mistakes that can cost you an admission into the university of your choice. When writing an admission essay, ensure that you save a paragraph explaining why the course is important to you, and how you are going to use the skills gained from the study.

Ultimately, no matter how you write a college application essay, always ensure that your paper contains the seven identified issues. Ensure that your paper depicts an excellent and talented student, with the capability of writing well. In college, lots and lots of writing are done. If you want to practice your writing, it’s a good idea to start a blog, like Wolf of Wealth did as I found it to be a plus. Moreover, assure that you provide some personal information about yourself, and your paper should be consistent with other parts of applications you have made. Such a paper will convince an admission officer to give you a chance in school.

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