7 Things to Look for in the Right Childcare Centre

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It’s never easy to leave your baby at a childcare facility, but working parents don’t always have an alternative. Besides, children who spend a few hours in a good childcare centre usually are more sociable and grow up wiser than those who spend their entire formative years at home. However, the key here is finding a place that’s perfect for your children to spend their time in and the following few tips should help you find one near you.

They Should Have an Early Education Program

Children need structure and careful guidance, so, in order for a childcare centre to provide that, they too must have a definite early education program in place for the kids. For example, Brightpath Child Care Centres all across Canada follow a mix of Frog Street and Emergent curriculums to provide the best of both worlds to the children under their care. This helps in making the child communicative, fit and intelligent. The Montessori method and the Reggio Emilia approach are two other popular programs often incorporated by daycare centres and pre-schools.

The Location Should be Convenient

It is very important that the location of your child’s daycare is convenient for at least one parent and preferably both. If it’s close to the office or home, you won’t be late in picking up/dropping off your children before/after work. Also, you won’t have to drive out of your way before a busy day at work, while being anxious about getting late. Not that you should compromise on quality of course, but make sure the place is as conveniently located as possible.

Observe Before Committing

Some strangers are going to look after your child while you are not there, so it makes all the sense in the world to spend some time at the centre and getting to know some of the childcare workers first. Note how they interact with the children and whether or not there’s love and care involved. The thing is, at such a young age, children need shows of affection, so look for the following:

  • Someone should be on the floor with the children
  • She should be actively engaging and interacting with the children
  • There should be one caregiver for every three children below two years
  • The place should have enough childproof toys and children’s books for everybody
  • Cleanliness is a very big factor, especially since young children are susceptible to allergies and germs

Observe After Committing

This one is an old tactic really, but it is still as useful as ever. Make it a point to drop in unannounced at the daycare centre and snoop! This should give you an idea of how your children are being treated after you leave. Do this often and without ever announcing your arrival. If the facility has a problem with that, it is not a place where your children should be spending any time.

Commit to the Program, or Don’t!

This is a very common problem and it’s understandable too. Parents often find it difficult to come to terms with some of the rules and practices at a daycare centre and that’s a big problem. To avoid this, ask your questions about the rules and regulations in place at the facility and make sure that you are onboard before committing. If you simply cannot be onboard with the system they have in place, don’t join, or leave even if you already have, because there’s little point in trying to make an entire institute see eye to eye with you. If the differences in parenting philosophy are minor, do not overreact because trained professionals do know better in some situations.

See if the Expenses are Affordable

Most parents want what’s best for their children, but there needs to be a balance. After all, having a child is in itself a huge bump in the expenses and there’s also the question of his/her future, so do consider the expense factor before choosing a childcare centre. Paying top dollar will in most cases, fetch you the best service, but it is quite possible that your child could also be enjoying a good time and learning in the process at a smaller but more affordable daycare. Consider all your options before making the decision.

Check the License and Registration Details

It should be obvious that parents should always check the background, history, licensing and registration details of the daycare centre before sending their children there. Even the smallest childcare facility needs to be licensed and registered.

Finding a place that meets all the criterions we just discussed may not be easy, but it is possible these days, because big and established names like Brightpath now have multiple childcare centres all around Canada. Just find one closest to you and pay a visit with your child to see how he/she likes it.

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