7 things you should know about standardized testing in Michigan

Sep 17, 2019 by

We’re using test data for the wrong purposes

When it comes to education reform, standardized test scores are as versatile as duct tape.

A beloved accountability measure for policymakers, in Michigan, students’ standardized test scores have determined which schools are slated for closure or added to a reform district, whether a superintendent should be replaced by an appointed CEO, how a teacher’s job should be evaluated, which districts need more oversight — and starting next year, they’ll play a role in determining which third graders become fourth graders.

This is what we call “mission creep.”

What standardized tests can tell us

Randy Liepa, superintendent of Wayne County RESA, says standardized tests offer a snapshot of student performance and a longer view of state and district capability, evaluating how students are reaching the district’s curriculum goals. They also indicate, to some extent, how a state, district or school compare to other states, districts and schools.

All of this is complicated by the frequency with which Michigan has changed tests.

Source: 7 things you should know about standardized testing in Michigan

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