7 Things You Should Learn First in SEO to Build Your Career

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Are you familiar with the term SEO? If so you know it’s the key factor all the websites are using to ensure they rank high in search engines. But that aside I know you want to learn about SEO. SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. This technique seems to be hard for most people to understand. However, do you know that you can learn about SEO in a short period? Yes, this is possible, you need to keep yourself up to date on the fundamentals of SEO. I know they are pretty challenging but if you are passionate about SEO you will really understand about all SEO entails.

Therefore, what are the things that you need to learn in SEO when you are building your career? In this article, I will tell you all the basics that you need to know about SEO first before kick-starting your career.

Aim of SEO

If you really want to know about SEO first you need to know why are you using SEO to optimize content on your website? This means that you need to know about the aims of SEO before learning about the basics of SEO. The only reason why people are using SEO on their websites is in order for their websites to rank high on search engines. One wants his or her product to be the first on the first page of search engines when users search about a product related to theirs. So, when you are venturing into SEO you need to know that the main purpose of SEO is to rank websites higher on search engines.

Link Building

In terms of understanding SEO, you need to know about link building. This entails linking your blogs to others from similar websites. This will help your website to grow and also improve its ranking in search engines. The best thing about link building is you need to reference other high-quality websites that have similar contents. Another thing about link building is that you will have a high chance of being linked to other websites. In addition, quality of the links that you put in your website matters a lot. Therefore, don’t just link for any reason you need to get the best links for your website.

Write Easy to Read Content

The most thing about blogging is the use of hard terms. In terms of SEO use of complex terms is not necessary. I know you might be lured into using complex terms but in regards to SEO you need to use easy to read content. Therefore, when writing SEO content just remember that you are writing contents to be read by humans. Use simple terms when writing content. In addition, when you write simple content search engines will be able to recognize it as it is user-friendly. Furthermore, readers will be more comfortable reading your blogs as they as easy to understand.

Keyword Research

In order to optimize your content, you need to have keywords. Therefore, I know you want to know the basics of SEO. This is one of the key things you need to pay attention to. Every niche has specific target keywords that you can use in order to make your website and content SEO friendly. So, keyword research is important in terms of knowing and understanding SEO.

Ensure Your Website is Fast

Speed is also an essential factor when it comes to search engine optimization. If your website is slow most users will not prefer to read content from your website. This will make them look for sites that are fast but with similar content. Therefore, you need to ensure that the hosting of your website is good this will ensure and assure you the speed of your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about your website’s indexing. This is because it doesn’t have anything to do with the content of your website. Technical SEO helps your website to be recognizable by search engines. The things you need to know about technical SEO are:

  • Your website’s domain name. By specifying your website’s domain name search engines will be able to recognize it quickly. Also, you need to know that your website’s domain name can start with ‘www’ or not. However, it is preferred that you use www as it is more normal.
  • Optimizing your robots.txt file. This is found in the root directory of your website. But in most cases, this is not necessary.
  • Your URL structure. When optimizing your URL structure, you need to use lower case characters. Separation of words in the URL. They should be short but explanatory. Don’t use other symbols or pointless characters. Ensure you use target keywords in the URL.

Therefore, if you use the above techniques when optimizing your website technically you will be able to achieve the main purpose of SEO.

Publish Unique and High- Quality Content Regularly

Publishing content is not a problem but do you publish unique and high-quality content on a regular basis? If you need to prosper in the SEO field you need to publish a high-quality article on your website on a consistent basis. In terms of learning SEO, this is also important.


I know you may need SEO services. First, you need to know all about SEO before even hiring someone. Ask all the relevant questions regarding SEO. In addition, you need to know about free SEO prices. They are standard but they differ with SEO agencies. So, the above are the necessary tips you need to know about search engine optimization.

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