7 Tips to Quickly Sell a Home

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2019 has started and you have set the goal of selling your home. If you are going to try to market your home and want to receive offers at a good pace, it is essential that you approach the process correctly. Knowing how to promote the property and how to set a reasonable price is the beginning of a good contract.

A bad strategy could make the property languish and not close the operation as fast as you had thought. We want to give you some tips to make a successful sale in 2019 and beyond:

Competitive Price

All sellers want to extract some benefit from a transaction of this type, so they may fall into the error of raising too much sale price. It is true that the market has come back, but wages have not risen at the same rate.

You must find a fair balance between the similar offers in your area and the profile of the interested demand. It is important that you are willing to make a reduction and do not close in band when negotiating.

Careful presentation

Buyers are no longer satisfied with the first thing they see. A wrecked house lowers the mood a lot. It is not about reforming the house from top to bottom, but to present it in a way that the buyer can see its potential.

Do not put a new kitchen, but throw away the old appliances. Empty the bedroom and living room of those ugly inherited furnitures that only eat space and accumulate dust. A coat of paint never hurts in the bathroom, in which everything is clean.

Seek professional help

A local real estate agent can give you information about similar houses in your area, the trends in prices and what you can do to show your house well. You must have thick skin, because it is hard to accept the criticism that professionals or contractors that you take to fix the house will make of it.

Payments per day

One of the aspects that most discourage potential buyers is that the seller is not up to date with the corresponding payments. It is vital that all mortgage installments have been completed diligently, that there are no overdue receipts and that the community of owners can certify that they are up to date with ordinary and extraordinary payments.

With all this paperwork ready, not only do you save time, but you also gain the confidence of the future owner.

Friends and family

Before announcing your home on real estate portals, try to spread the word among your nearby circle. The experts themselves admit that the first buyer is usually a neighbor in the area and the second a friend or a relative, while the third is already an unknown.

Ask for advice from someone you trust to tell you what possible failures jump at a glance.

Control your expenses

Be careful and do not spend too much. You may not get the renewal costs if you spend on things that buyers in your area do not want. Put an appropriate price. What you paid for your house when you bought it is irrelevant. The market may have changed since then, along with the value of your property. If you put a very high price, you will keep the “For sale” sign for months.

Looking for alternatives

Have you ever wondered if you really need to sell? If you need the money because you are going to buy another house, it is obvious that it is, but if you do not have an urgent need for liquidity, maybe you should evaluate the possibility of resorting to the rental market.

The returns provided by the lease formula are very attractive at this time, especially if the property is well located. It is income sustained over time that could complete your salary.

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