7 Ways the Net Makes Education Easier

Jan 7, 2018 by

Knowledge has never been freer, it’s never been easier to express yourself and get the word out there, and it’s all thanks to the personal computer and the internet.

But it doesn’t have to make you lazier, the web can instead help you deepen your education and push your grades to their highest potential. It’s not always about the easiest route!

Spell Checker and Thesaurus

Okay, let’s just start with the most obvious point. Nothing makes it all easier than seeing every single erroneous typo highlighted ready to be quickly and neatly sorted, especially when you’re hammering out a 2,000 worder.

But we’re not just talking about the basic Word proofreading tools. Nope, with sites like Grammerly, it’s never been easier to pick up on fairly advanced mistakes. Sure, Word’ll pick up on the simpler ones, and provide a solid thesaurus, but if you want to be sure, go for a better option online.

Just imagine if you were around and studying twenty or so years ago. Either you had a dictionary or thesaurus on your desk, or you weren’t getting a great grade, and don’t even get me started on writing long essays longhand.

Software and Tech

Being able to easily record a lecture, put it through voice to text recognition software, and then edit the transcript into handy notes to read alongside the online-shared PowerPoint presentation is a pretty far-flung alternative to traditional longhand note taking.

Beyond those mentioned, you’ve got a dizzying array of helpful educational tools and tricks, from the standard Microsoft Office trio, to text to speech readers, to programming and video editing suites. It’s all out there, and most of the time, there’s a free version too!

Research Endlessly

Research is fun, getting lost in articles and Wikipedia pages and really digging into some of the personal stories, side-topics and interesting bits that you wouldn’t have access to if it weren’t for the world wide web.

There are few subjects online that a couple of keystrokes can’t tell you an absolute ton about. Essentially, you can find out almost anything about everything with virtually zero effort, which, when compared to the hours spent in libraries for generations past seems like an absolute luxury.

Productivity and Time Management Tools

If you’re anything like me as a student, you probably spent a fair amount of your time procrastinating and doing literally anything but the task you were meant to be getting on with. Which, while fun in the short term, leaves you feeling anxious and panicky, and eventually handing in lower quality work.

I eventually reached the conclusion that what I really needed was something called ‘time management’, and a quick Googling threw up a thousand different productivity and time optimisation tools and tricks, from full books and focus guides to online plug-ins that block certain sites (looking at your Facebook) for chosen working hours of the day.

If you can nail down the tricks of properly managing your time and getting work done quickly and easily, you’ll fly through schooling and education, and the net can get you there.

So Many Tutorials and Guides

I know you might not get back from a lecture or seminar and think ‘I want to learn more about said subject’ often, but when you do, the net’s got your back. YouTube can yield a ton of different lessons, tutorials and explorations of almost any subject, task and concept out there. It’s very easy to learn new tricks online. And with credible institutions offering up various degrees online, you can further your education with courses like a bachelors in Healthcare Administration online right at home.

Connect with Experts and Teachers

Maybe not as easy as the others, but there are tutors and experts out there online to find on social media, or even offering online tuition. There’s even entire open universities you can attend online, allowing you to learn and progress through whole courses and subjects, under the tutelage of qualified and respected tutors, all over your laptop or phone.

You Can Even Buy Essays!

Okay, maybe this isn’t the most ethical of the uses of the web when it comes to progressing through your education, but sometimes, if you really don’t have the time to write an essay that properly addresses the question and reflects your skill, and if you can find the perfect online essay writing service, such as EssayZoo, you have to ask yourself, why not?

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