8 Benefits of Living Abroad

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There are many reasons why you may be considering moving to another country. You may move abroad to study or work. Or, you may be looking for adventure, wanting to make new friends, or simply experience other cultures. No matter what the reason is, there are some definite benefits to living abroad. Let’s take a look.

8 Benefits of Living Abroad

Are you on the fence about whether to move abroad? Put together by a community of Black Expats, take these benefits into consideration when making your decision.

1. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving to a new country is more like diving out of your comfort zone, rather than simply walking. You will become immersed in a new culture, language, and diverse group of people. You will have new considerations like currency, finances, taxes, and healthcare.  These considerations can be challenging, but they can also help you learn and reach your true potential.

2. Making New Friends

Moving to a new city or country is a great opportunity to make new friends. Moving to a new country, in particular, opens the door for you to meet people from all over the world. There will be differences in the diversity in your home country as compared to the diversity in your new home. Avoid homesickness or loneliness by reaching out to those around you.

3. Learning a New Language

Anyone can take a language course, and most of us have. Unfortunately, these courses generally do not lead to full immersion or fluency. By living in an area where a foreign language is spoken consistently, you are immersed in the language and culture, and are more likely to engage in conversation. This is important to learning a new language and being able to speak with others around you.

4. Gaining a Global Mindset

Whether this is your first trip outside your home country or you are just taking the plunge and moving, your new adventure will undoubtedly change your life. You will gain insight into so many great things like the global market, different cultures, and working internationally.

5. Developing Cultural Awareness

Speaking of cultures, living abroad will help you develop more cultural awareness. That means you may be inspired by the languages and cultures in your new home. This can lead to more adventurous choices in your cuisine, decorating, clothing, or adventures.

6. More Travel Opportunities

Moving to a new country presents a plethora of travel opportunities you might not have otherwise. In your new home, you will have the immediate vicinity to explore, and also the ability to travel in new regions. This is great because, if you live in London, it will be less expensive and easier for you to travel to, say, Paris, than if you live in Salt Lake City.

7. New Career Opportunities

Many different countries offer exciting career opportunities that are not found elsewhere. If you are still studying, use this time abroad to expand your horizons and make connections with people you might want to work for later. If your move is business-related, learn as much as possible about the culture and businesses around you. This helps potential employers see that you are versatile and able to adapt.

8. Personal Growth

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to living abroad is your ability to grow as a person. Once you leave your homeland behind and set out on new adventures you will gain new perspectives, develop new values, and adopt new viewpoints. This is a process that is challenging and so rewarding. Many people who decide to live abroad report their move being one of the most important decisions they ever made.

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