8 Educational Apps for Every Student

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When summer is over and the reality of school sets back in, it may seem overwhelming at first. You might even start looking at your classes and adding up how many assignments you’ll have to accomplish for each of them. But schoolwork doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may first think. Here are eight educational apps for every student to get ahead in the school year.

Math Alarm

What’s the first thing you need to do before school? Well, wake up! Math Alarm is a great app that not only wakes you up in the morning, but also gets your brain going and ready for the intellectual work of the day. It accomplishes this by sounding your alarm in the morning, and then requiring you to answer an easy math problem in order to turn it off. This might just be the ticket for those who have a habit of pushing snooze in the morning.


Studious is an app perfect for any Android smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which has an extremely high battery life of up to 14 days of standby time, meaning that whilst the app is working in the background, you won’t have to worry about it stealing all of your battery.  The app not only silences your phone when you get to class to avoid any unwelcome disturbances, but also keeps track of your class locations, assignments, and tests. You’ll be well prepared and confident when you walk into the room each day.

Khan Academy

If you’re looking for an extra edge beyond your textbooks, Khan Academy app offers over 4,000 free lessons and tutorials. You’ll have just a little more knowledge than the next student and will be well on your way to impressing your instructor.

Evernote Peek

Ever have trouble studying for the big test? Well the Evernote Peek app for your iPad will make it much easier. This app helps you make your own quizzes on notes and material you’ve already added to Evernote. So you can quiz yourself and be ready for the big exam.


Do you get super bogged down making reference lists for big papers and projects? RefMe is an app that will make that process much easier, and cut the load of writing papers way down.


If you don’t have time to run to the library, try Scribd. This app is the largest online library and is packed full with the materials you’ll need to ace your projects! You can get all the important books and articles you’ve been assigned in one easy app.


If math has always been the bane of your school life, try the Mathway app. This app will coach you through those tough math, algebra, or geometry questions so you can get the right result but also learn along the way.


You’re not going to get very far in a speech or a paper without a dictionary nearby. Dictionary.com now has an app that makes searching for words and definitions a breeze. Keep it handy whenever you’re reading your textbooks to clarify the words you come across that you are unfamiliar with, or when you need some new words to spice up that paper or speech you are writing.

Get your school assignments organized, get your resources in line, and get going with a new excitement as you start off your school year with these helpful apps! Sometimes a little help removes a load of work.

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