8 Proven World Hunger Solutions

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Have you figured out a way to stop world hunger? Well, we have. That’s why we put this article together to help the poor, the misfortunate, the unhealthy and others where there aren’t sufficient provisions of food to feed the population.

Sure we could try to constantly work for an international organization as well as donate old clothes and toys to our local Salvation Army. But would it really work out and how well has it worked out so far?

As long as our actions back up our intent to fight world hunger, we won’t be able to make a difference. That’s the mindset we here at SFAM went with when we crafted the following solutions to effectively mitigate world hunger:

  1. Sustainable Foods

Heifer International is a renowned organization that transforms agriculture for the better. They help fund projects so that people can provide sustainable food for themselves. This is an amazing tactic because, in the end, we would like to see people rely less on foreign countries for aid as it often causes debt so that they can create their own safe and steady supply of food.

  1. Food Donations

While the idea of opting for a self-sustainable world is ideal, it isn’t something that can happen at the snap of our fingers. That’s why for the time being, it’s important to continue lending a helping hand. Both cash and food have an incredible impact on world hunger. There are organizations like Food for All where customers donate between $1-5 when they check out. Why in 2015 alone, they had raised over $60 million to fend off world hunger.

  1. Access to Credit

Most organizations help out poor country folk to gain access to credit. Many of these credit loans have been repaid, and they also help create numerous industries, like farms that create sustainable provisions for people as well as develop nations economically. Without the people having access to credit, they won’t be able to establish industries that fight poverty.

  1. Urban Farming

About a quarter of undernourished people live in urban environments. Urban farming has been getting a big push for the past couple of years as it empowers people to gain control over their own food source.

  1. Transitioning

Most families that deal with poverty need help to transition into a state of self-dependence. One organization that helps out with this transition is 15 Feeds Family. They start out by first providing food to families and then slowly finding solutions that enable them to be self-sufficient. This is a very crucial step as self-sufficiency grants people with certain food income whereas donations don’t always guarantee food.

  1. Social Change

This step is very hard and it certainly won’t bring about changes in a single day. Nevertheless, there are certain social issues, like war, that pose a problem for hindering world hunger. However, this won’t come to pass when world powers like the United States, as well as many western European nations, decide to focus on solving these issues rather than aggravating them any further. But this can only be made possible when people in developed nations start caring about those issues and also pressure their government to be productive in ending conflicts.

  1. Access to Education

Arguably the best weapon against poverty and hunger is education. It is especially strong when utilized in underdeveloped countries. With education, people can have better income opportunities and more access to food. Also, some countries offer food-for-education programs where students are provided with free food for coming to school. It might seem like a basic idea in the United States, but it is a life-saving solution for many in underdeveloped countries.

  1. Empower Women

Gender inequalities and hunger are directly correlated. Empowering women to have access to food, become providers and lead their families has had an incredible impact on food access and the ability to change financial situations.

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