8 Tips for quickly selling your used laptop online

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Selling our laptop is not an easy task, especially if we take into account the variety of electronic devices on the market, at affordable prices. Therefore, if you want to sell your old PC to buy another, or if you want to sell a new laptop, a simple and novel proposal is to place it for sale on the Internet sites such as sellbroke.com. Recently, I found this site when I wanted to sell my used laptop online. I hope the information that I will present below will be very useful for you when selling your used Laptop.

1. Find the right price

This is the first thing you can do. Forget the new price right away, even if you have never used your equipment, and except in exceptional cases of scarcity, no buyer has an interest in acquiring used equipment at the price of nine. For flawless material (the same as new), practice a discount of at least 20 to 30%. Even with that, you have to consider the reality of the second-hand market. To do this, visit classifieds sites and observe in what price range is your product or a product equivalent to resale.

2. Put on sale at the right time

As soon as you know you have a device or material to spare do not wait, the rating drops over time. New products are emerging and technology is evolving, which also has a significant impact on price and opportunity for second-hand resale.

However, it is preferable, when one has the choice to anticipate, to avoid certain periods such as after the holidays or the market will be saturated or the summer holidays when there are fewer buyers. Also, avoid waiting for a better version of your product to be put on the market to avoid a devaluation of the material and the massive arrival of other resellers.

3. Make the prices go up

Is it a good idea to put the exact price you want to get from your sale? Yes and no, it is depending on your patience. The slightly cheaper products will go faster than the others depend on the periods and similar opportunities that are close to you. If you inflate the prices, the buyer may be trying to haggle seeing that the ad has been there for a while, set a minimum selling price in advance.

Another solution: Go through auction sites such as eBay. Remember to put a minimum bid price to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Find the packaging and papers

When you have a used product to sell on an ad site, it will be in the middle of dozens of identical products and the means to stand out are few. The best is to provide something that will give the impression of buying a product close to new: packaging and instructions for use. If you have kept them, this is an advantage that you can put forward in the ad and in a photo.

5. Provide accessories (or not)

Another way to stand out from other products on sale: the presence of accessories. For example, a laptop can be sold with a mouse or keyboard.

Don’t hesitate to put their presence ahead by cleaning them beforehand and making them appear clearly in the photo as a bonus.

6. Sell by little bits

Conversely, it may be interesting to separate different materials designed to work together. We can sell a screen separately from the laptop. It may find more easily taker or to go even further you can try to sell parts separately if you find that they are requested.

Observe resale prices for one-to-one or assembled items. What is most beneficial for you? If you are not sure, put a global ad but mention this possibility by also detailing the price of separate items.

7. Create an enticing ad

A too short ad will scare away those who want to know what they are buying. Conversely, an ad too long with too much detail on small defects could discourage some buyers. Keep it short without blabbing, but provide enough information about the object, listing the characteristics in a list.

It is imperative to attach images and look after your photos, which may be the triggering factor that will provoke a contact. Avoid generic images found on the web and make your own snapshots, which will reassure the buyer and inform him directly about the external condition of the material.

8. Beware of too good deals

You have a little overestimated the price and miracle, a buyer presents himself without wanting to negotiate and with the firm intention to buy your product without even having a look. You already rub the hands of this transaction carried out but be careful, the case is perhaps too beautiful!

Make sure it is not a scam or malicious people taking precautions: no check, prefer a transfer in advance or check the notes when it comes to cash and make an appointment in a neutral place to avoid revealing your place of residence. Go to your appointment accompanied preferably and if possible, near a bank to certify the validity of the tickets in case of transaction with large sums.

I hope these tips will be useful to sell a piece of used equipment online.

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