8 Useful Websites for Students

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The technological advancements in recent times have encouraged the development of virtual interfaces in different niches. From conducting businesses online to facilitating distance learning via video conferencing, the new innovations have made everything come handy to the public.

Seeing the enhanced use of online means of education and online referencing of sources by students, there are several useful websites that have come into existence to help students learn more and more without confining them to a particular subject.

Useful Websites for Learning

If you are someone looking for online educational sources to enhance your knowledge base, this article is surely going to help you. Some of the most common online resources available to school as well as college students are as follows:

Academic Earth

Whether you’re a student of literature or an engineering career seeker, Academic Earth is a website that will help you acquire a desirable degree. You get a wide variety of courses to opt for from the list of subjects available online. The curriculum followed is a standard one and hence will guide you through a successful career building process.


Prodigy is an all-in-one solution to all your mathematical issues. Anyone seeking guidance in Math can log in to the website. You are provided with a step-wise explanation of all the problem sums. The best part is you get grade-wise practice sets, which makes it even more easy and beneficial for students.


If you’re looking for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), this is the best option you can opt for. On the platform, you get various courses to pursue your further studies and that too for free. The free of cost tutorials found online assists you in learning more and more, thereby enhancing your skills.


More than 2,000 scholars are the authors of this platform. They develop useful articles for students who get a chance to come across the intellectuals’ experiences and innovations. You will also get the best tutorial on various subjects, including History, Human Anatomy, Politics, General Awareness, and many more.

As the name itself suggests, this platform will let you widen your horizon and create own unique ideas and think big.


Nowadays, it is very important for students to learn to fix things or create new things themselves. The pocket money they receive from parents is hardly enough for them to get things done from service providers. Thus, they must learn to handle things by themselves. With Instructables, they get DIY lessons for baking a cake to repairing a broken shelf. Going through the content on this website will make you an overall creative and independent person.

Human Anatomy

KnowYourBody.Net is a website that has been designed to help you understand your body thoroughly. You can explore each and every body part on this platform, and be familiar with human anatomy and diseases. Human Anatomy is the part of science that grabs most of the students’ attention.

The Book Pond

Those who love to read more and more books, The Book Pond website is for them. You can access old academic textbooks to bestselling story books all at one spot. In addition, there are students who pass their old books to the platform for other students to buy the same for further use.


With the increasing study pressure on students, it has been observed that children are slipping into depression. In such a scenario, TED serves as a blessing for students. On the platform, the famous personalities and the go-getters share their journey to success thereby inspiring the youth to fight back without getting depressed even in the worst situations.

The list does not end here. There are many other useful educational websites that tend to assist students in all possible manners. These sites make helpful resources available to candidates who genuinely want to have a look at them to learn and enhance their knowledge. Moreover, among these websites, a few also offer a chance to acquire an online degree in desirable subjects.

Whether you’re looking for a virtually-run coaching center or an online distance learning course, you will get many alternatives to help achieve your purpose. Browse through the above-mentioned useful websites and be an expert in your desired field in just a few days.

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