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This is nifty. If you want to know what Herman Cain’s 999 Plan would save you in real dollars, please go to this link: http://999calculator.net/



Under the proposed Cain 999 Plan, you still must pay the existing State Sales Tax. However, you must consider the hidden or “embedded” taxes built into the price.


Let’s go through the example. Please enter a state sales tax of 8.25% and a Price of Good = $50.00 into the 999 Calculator.


With the present tax system, the Total Price = $54.13. The Total Price includes a 22% “embedded tax” = $11.00. [$50.00 x 22% = $11.00] This means the $50.00 item includes $11.00 in hidden taxes. [$39.00 + $11.00 = $50.00] The Actual Price of Good = $39.00.


Under the Cain 999 Plan, you start with the Actual Price of Good = $39.00. Apply the effective Corporate Tax Rate of 6% [$39.00 x 6% = $2.34]; and the Price of the New Good = $41.34. [$39.00 + $2.34 = $41.34]


Next, apply the Cain Sales Tax of 9% to the Price of New Good of $41.34. [$41.34 x 9% = $3.72], and apply the existing State Sales Tax of 8.25%. [$41.34 x 8.25% = $3.41] When you add these taxes to the Price of New Good, you get a Total Price = $48.47. [$41.34 + $3.72 + $3.41 = $48.47]


Under the Cain 999 Plan, the Total Price of $48.47 offers a savings of $5.66 when compared with the present tax system.

[$54.13 – $48.47 = $5.66]



“Why Settle for Less?”

By Donna Garner



Why should we conservatives settle for less? Why should we settle for Newt Gingrich who has already started to move to the center left with his “front-door amnesty” plan? Please read Tom Tancredo’s 11.25.11 article – “Memo to Gingrich: ‘Red Card’ Is Path to Amnesty” —



If Newt were elected as the Republican candidate in the Primary, what would we conservatives do leading up to the General Election if he moved completely left of our conservative ideals?


Newt is a flip flopper from way back (e.g., abortion, global warming, cap and trade, religion, immigration, health insurance mandate, Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity) who always seems to “flip flop” in the direction of those who can pay him the most money (e.g., Freddie Mac, pharmaceutical companies, ethanol, Al Gore, TARP, PAC’s).


If elected President, how serious do you think Newt Gingrich would be about fighting for pro-life causes, family values, and traditional marriage when his own personal life reflects infidelity and lack of self-discipline and commitment to Biblical principles?


How comfortable are you that Newt is all that he says he is? How would you feel about having Newt and Callista in the White House? Callista was a House staffer, 24 years younger than Newt, and helped him cheat on his second wife. What kind of role models would this couple make for the young people of our country to emulate?


Could we count on Newt and Callista to lead the way to fiscal responsibility when they have shown very little fiscal restraint in their own personal lives (over $1 Million in campaign debt for private charters and luxurious Mediterranean cruise)? Do we want another Obama and Michelle in the White House who feel no guilt about running up the tab to satisfy their own lascivious whims?


I say that we conservatives need to stick with Herman Cain as our Republican nominee for President. Obama genuinely fears running against Herman Cain because of Cain’s life story and personal experiences. The unemployed and underemployed, many of whom are minorities, are highly disenchanted with Obama’s economic policies and would be very open to supporting Cain who not only talks about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” but has a practical and understandable plan to produce them.

The allegations against Herman Cain have proved to be baseless and were contrived by people closely connected politically in Chicago. Once the truth started coming out about their ties and their own fallacious backgrounds, the allegations fizzled even in the mainstream media; but unfortunately, many gullible Americans have allowed themselves to be influenced by the hearsay which is exactly what those who contrived the plan to “lynch” Herman Cain wanted.

Cain is sincere, honest, straight-forward, 100% pro-life, committed to traditional family values, and has lived those values in his own life during 43 years of marriage. Let’s not let the Republican left-leaners choose someone who will disappoint us conservatives and cause us to lose our enthusiasm going into the General Election. “Let’s Raise Cane for Cain.”

Please go to this YouTube to be inspired and encouraged about the future of America under Herman Cain as President:


“Rock You Like Herman Cain”– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvRCEWnuCVU







11.28.11 – Clarence Page: “ABM Fuels Newt’s Surge”





11.28.11 – To see what the Democrats are saying about Mitt Romney, please go to the DNC’s new ad entitled “Mitt vs. Mitt.”



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