9 Pros of Learning French Online

Apr 21, 2021 by

Sometimes, learning a new language can be a daunting task. This is even more so if you are placed under pressure to learn as much as you can as quickly as possible. From back-to-back in-person lessons, strict schedules that need to be adhered to thoroughly, to spending time going over notes, mastering a new language requires commitment. Learning a new language offline can become overwhelming but online classes can reduce the stress.

Learning French online has a lot of advantages. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to study French culture, French books, or the language of love itself, online classes will help you learn more effectively at your pace. However, it is not without its cons.

1. It Offers Flexibility

This is most one of the best reasons for studying online. With online classes, the challenges attached to keeping up with strict class schedules are eliminated. When you opt for online classes, it becomes possible to study French at your own pace, however slow or fast you want. The flexibility provides you with enough time to juggle different activities while learning French.

2. There is Easy Accessibility

One other pro to studying French online is its accessibility. The learning programs are readily available to everyone at any time of the day. Regardless of this added advantage, there are several discounts and complete scholarships offered to students. These offers make things easier for students, and also give them the best learning experience.

Apart from gaining live lectures online, online classes also provide the students with access to different learning materials. You can enjoy listening to French music and reading books that will help improve your overall learning experience. 

3. Online Learning Has a Worldwide Reach

Studying French online is the only way to take classes on French with several people around the world at the same time. During and after these classes, people from around the world can connect on the same platform, and share a mutual love for the culture and language.

4. Customized Learning Experience 

Online classes are the only guaranteed way to get the exact kind of tools and learning materials that you need. With specific options on what you want, to tailor-made classes, online French classes beat taking offline or physical classes. The hassle of having to take in everything in an offline class, regardless of how important it is, is removed. Online classes have filters and specific choices. It brings customization to a whole new level.

5. Repeated Classes and Lessons

In-person French classes are usually rigid. It is next to impossible to take a particular class more than once – or twice if the teacher is generous. Online French classes, however, allow you to go over instructions as many times as you need. This is especially helpful with aspects of the lesson that are particularly difficult, or aspects that need consistent practice. When you learn French online, you can get access to recordings and use them whenever you want. 

6. Risk-free Socialization 

Taking French classes online gives a particular edge of taking classes with other people, without having to meet them in person. This advantage is especially suited to introverted people or people who do not like to socialize. In this Covid-19 era, you can discuss new people without risking infection either on your way to school or when you’re in class. 

7. Student-led Learning 

With offline French classes, the focus of the instructor is generalized and they often take the lead. In student-led online classes, students have more power over the process. The instructor simply ensures that students get assistance when necessary and it doesn’t always have to be during live classes. You can reach out to them at other times of the day. 

8. You’re Not Restricted to a Single Location

Unlike with onsite or offline classes, learning French online is not limited to the four corners of any campus building. Online classes make it possible for you to learn French wherever you are even if it’s in another country. This way, there is no need to find a classroom or a suitable building to take classes. With an internet-enabled device and good connection, classes can start anywhere. With this, the problem of logistics or transportation is also eliminated.

9. You Enjoy Variety 

Online classes usually offer more variety than onsite lessons. With so many options available, you can choose the ones that are most suitable for your needs. For example, a person who wants to travel to France for the first time for tourism can opt for classes related to common traveling topics. 


Learning the French language is made easier with online resources. French Iceberg is one of the best places to learn about French culture. The website offers a range of tips and resources that will make your journey to learning about French culture interesting.

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