9 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

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It is pretty obvious that half way to your beauty is efficient sleep and proper rest. But, if you’re like a quarter of those adults living in United States who try hard to get enough sleep, but fail miserably. 6 out of 10 people in America are standing on the doors of insomnia. And severe sleep deprivation could cause trouble in other spheres of your life like job, business, mood swings and other chronic diseases.

Well, here are 9 ways to help you fall asleep faster:

  • Power down

Separate yourself from all gadgets and devices like tablet, smartphones, laptops as well as TV- an hour before you think of going to sleep, suggests board accredited sleep medication physician Dr. Rosenberg. Screens radiate blue LED lights which send signals to your brain to stay intact and alert rather than wind up.

You can change the color of your laptop to some melanopic light to avoid the bright shine of your screen. It will help you catch your sleep earlier even if you are stuck to your laptop till the last minute. Similarly, you can switch the Night Mode on your smartphone to help you avoid sharp light.

  • Adopt a ritual

A reliable pre-bedtime timetable can help you ease your process to fall asleep. A routine helps you wean your central nervous system from your everyday stressors. It explains your brain to link stuff with getting sleepy. With time, hints like slow yoga, listening to soothing music, reading a book or warm showers triggers your body’s relaxation response in the most natural way.

  • Get rid of your clock

Yes continuous staring at your clock enhances your calculation and anxiety. Keeping reminders of how much time is left and what time you will get for your sleep. It triggers the stress response of your body, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

  • Breathe well

Apart from good visualization, you should practice basic breathing exercises to enhance the relaxation response of your body. It could just be focusing on your breather, rather than doing some exercise or controlling it.

  • Cool your room temperature

A too hot accommodation and make your sleep tough as your body may feel way too overheated to relax. A cool temperature idea for bedrooms for efficient sleep ranges from 65 to 68 Fahrenheit.

  • Keep your room dark

Cover up or get rid of sneaky resources of light. It could be street light from the street or blinking light of a particular device. Once you cover these up, it can improve your sleep. You can install blackout curtains, go for eye mask or keep a pillow over your head. Light adds to the wakefulness response of your body. So, the lower exposure you give yourself from light, the better it will be for you to go to sleep.

  • Capture the day as you get up

Give yourself exposure to outdoor light within two to three hours of waking up. It allows you to set up the circadian clock of your body so that you start feeling asleep once the sun goes down. Open your windows and doors, if you have probability of going out. Indirect sunlight will also help.

  • Shorten your nap to 30 minutes

If you are really worried about not getting good sleep at night, then shorten your map hours to just 30 minutes. A long nap sets you up for another bad sleep night because the circadian rhythm is thrown out of the line.

  • Get yourself a cozy mattress

The best way to enjoy a cozy and comfortable sleep at night is to get a good quality mattress. Yes, a perfect mattress adds to your sleeping experience. It induces sleep and relaxes your body and mind. Check out the best mattress reviews and see some recommendations. You have all types of mattress which will suit your body. Right from memory foam mattress to ortho mattresses and back support mattress, you have all types of mattress available for you. Just get the one suitable for you and then you will get the perfect sleep every night.

With the help of these 9 tips, you can easily fall sleep faster. Try them and see how much difference do they make in your sleeping activity.

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