A Beginners Guide to Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Apr 17, 2019 by

It may be that you have been injured in an accident and you have not had much experience with lawyers, you might know that you are possibly able to make a claim for compensation but don’t quite know where to start. This article will help you with that process.

  • The first thing that you should be aware of is that there are time limits associated with when you must first make your claim, so don’t delay, if you think you could be in a position to make a claim, have it checked out quickly.
  • Not all accidents result in a claim, a good personal injury lawyer would be able to advise you if your case is worth pursuing, so again, don’t delay and have your circumstances checked.
  • You must also be aware that not every personal injury lawyer is the same and all will have worked on different types of cases so the lawyer you will be looking for would be one who would have worked on cases such as yours.
  • You should start by obtaining personal recommendations if you can from any of your friends, their friends or relatives or even social media contacts, personal recommendations are always worth checking. Search online too, read the information provided on the websites of auto accident injury lawyers, that can give you a good insight into the process that you would be facing should you have a claim to pursue.
  • Devise a list of questions that you would want to ask about your claim, whether or not you have a claim and if so what is the likelihood that you will be successful, how much will it cost, how long will you be involved in the process,what you would have to do and so on.
  • Make a short list of possible lawyers and then make contact to compare your choices. Can you speak to them immediately and if not, did they get back to you and how long did it take them to get back to you? Most lawyers will offer an initial free consultation and you should take advantage of that to have your questions addressed. It’s also a good opportunity to see whether or not you would be comfortable working with that particular lawyer. We all have different personalities and just because your friend or family member found that he / she was an amazing lawyer doesn’t mean that he / she is right for you. Assess the situation for yourself and assess whether or not the lawyer has the time for you and your case. If the lawyer is too busy, it may mean that your case is rushed or it is passed to someone else. You should never feel intimidated or under pressure with your initial approach.
  • Check online reviews, a quick Google search should provide some results.
  • Before signing any contract, you should make absolutely sure of what you are signing. Read the terms and conditions very carefully and if in doubt have your doubts cleared up by making contact with your lawyer.
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