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Educational assessment for school students can be termed as a process of documenting skills, attitude, knowledge and beliefs. Assessments are playing a crucial role in helping to provide instructions and education to school students. Assessments, if designed in an efficient manner, will help the teachers to ensure that students are learning in their zone of proximal development by receiving valuable feedback. Assessment results can help teachers to reteach the topic and by this they vastly improve educational opportunities for students and provide further support with use of a pupil tracker, equipping pupils more solidly, for future learning. Formative assessments are important for both teachers as well as students to identify that in which subject students are doing good and in which they are still struggling.

Assessment Tracker

Providing assessments to school students is beneficial for their development, but simply providing it is not sufficient. Parents of students are always worried about their performance in school and to ease these concerns various pupil trackers have been created. Progress between the two dates is highlighted by the tracker which will help to see the progress of students. Assessments are the proof of materials covered and time taken for it, which plays an important role for comparing schools or sections. Pupil assessment trackers play an important role in helping teachers or administrators for taking decision that which group of students are eligible to be promoted to next class and to select those which will still struggle.

Philosophy to Promote Education

The education system is one of the most prioritised sectors in the world and, because of that, it is their responsibility that they give priority to the betterment of society. An educational system like Finland always emphasises that students in the school sector develop as a unique person. The education system in Asia produces high geared individuals but they are more geared towards exams only. For promoting education in the school sector there is a need for taking an initiative to boost the physical activities, as well as the learning, of students.

Role of a Pupil Tracker in Enhancing Education Levels

Feedback always encourages school students to do required changes for their overall development and we should be thankful to the development in school software and pupil trackers for making this desire a reality. In assessment reviews, if a student is marked excellent for their performance then feedback on this will inspire them to always try and deliver to similar levels. If the feedback and reviews aren’t so positive, this tracker will encourage self-motivation to try and improve, bringing education levels to new heights. A pupil assessment tracker helps the school students to get an idea of how they are doing and what is expected from them.

Importance of Pupil Trackers 

They are capable of providing information regarding school leaning agendas and syllabuses. 

Assessments tracker are a good benchmark for – not just pupils and students – but for also monitoring the performance of teachers over time, providing insight as to whether a certain teacher is educating effectively or not.

Students in some schools cover material at an appropriate pace but – it not – it becomes possible for others to review progress. An assessment tracker is of great use in such situations by which school administrators get an idea for making improvements.


There is no doubt that this educational tool is necessary for all pupils, but the first – and most important – metrics for review, is the success of learning; understanding the basics and applying the knowledge through assessments. Without such a tool, providing support, guidance and feedback on coursework and tests, would no doubt prove difficult to monitor. The use of a pupil tracker allows full transparency across the learning process.

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