A.C. Shelly: The World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education

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An Interview with A.C. Shelly: The World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your education and experiences?

I am first and foremost a teacher and a teacher educator. I studied at Michigan State University for all three degrees. I have taught middle and high school, undergraduates, masters students, and doctoral students. My interest in encouraging collaboration goes back to my professional interest in finding ways to improve the preparation of educators. The international focus has grown as I have travelled over the past 35 years and as I have gotten to know educators from many other countries.

2) Now, the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education–when did it get started, what are your objectives and who can join?

The World Federation began in Chicago in 2010 with our first biennial conference. This was followed by the second conference in Nairobi, Kenya and the third in Beijing, China.

1. To establish a worldwide community for teacher education
2. To promote the development of teacher education associations throughout the world by:
a. Creating cooperative networks between teacher education associations
b. Sharing information, resources and expertise
c. Supporting countries and regions in developing teacher education institutions
3. To represent the interests of teacher education associations to international bodies and organizations
4. To provide equitable educational opportunities by promoting quality teacher education throughout the world
Membership is open to national and multinational organization for teacher education. There are also affiliated organizations (including Kappa Delta Pi, Educational Leaders Without Borders, etc.) and supporting organizations (colleges and universities). We are also an individual membership organization. We have members and member organization from around the world.

3) What is your mission statement and how many members do you have?

It is the mission of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education to build a global community of teacher educators and to promote trans-national collaboration, support, and research and development in teacher education. We currently include the Association of Teacher Educators (USA), ATE-Europe, ATE-Australia, AfrATE Ashland University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Minzu University China, Kappa Delta Pi, Educational Leaders without Borders, and approximately 100 individual members. Members of our Associations of Teacher Education are automatically members of WorldFATE.

4) I see that you have planned for a conference in Barcelona in April of next year. Is there a theme to the conference and who can attend, and who can present?

Teacher education must go beyond the 21st century skills to address the needs of the knowledge society. With this conference, WFATE is making an international effort to build educational and cultural capacity for innovation at all educational and socioeconomic levels. Its main objective is to increase talent supply for innovation and knowledge creation, in order to make a place for everyone in a knowledge society. This conference is looking for a response to the major world education indicators, which point to a necessary transformation and change. We want to seek rapid strategies in fighting for education innovation and development in teacher education. This conference will enhance knowledge education with local and global networks to provide sustainability for teacher education development projects.

Ten subthemes:
1. Multiculturalism and Multilingualism
2. Technology for Pedagogical Innovations
3. International-local Techer Education Networking for Knowledge Building Innovation
4. Teacher Education Curriculum and School Curriculum
5. School-University-Educational Administrations Partnerships for Creative Initiatives in Teacher Education
6. A Distributed Leadership for School Innovation Management
7. Monitoring and Evaluating Innovations in Teacher Education
8. Change for Innovation
9. Initial Teacher Education for Innovation
10. Physical Education and Physical Arts Teacher Education (including circus and theater school education, in relation to music and dance)

The conference is open to all who are involved in and committed to teacher education. Everyone is encouraged to develop a paper/presentation. The website will be open in the fall for the submission of proposals.

5) What are the registration fees for a presentor and what are the registration fees for someone who simply wants to attend? Is there a one day reduced fee ? Or a group fee for several individuals from one university?

Regular fees:
WFATE members: 250 €; non-members: 300 €
Student teachers: 200 €; retired professors and teachers: 200 €
(These fees include 2 lunches, coffees and the gala dinner; they do not include complementary activities, transport or accommodation)
CDL and IEC members (Catalonia, Spain), 120 €; non-members: 160 € Catalonia, Spain), 120 €; non-members: 160 € (gala dinner not
At this time, we do not have single day fees or group fees.

6) Do you have a web site and what information would I find there?

The site contains information about the organization (history, governance, officers, and such). The new journal is also described on the site. There are details about the conference in Barcelona. All submissions (conference and journal) are through the website as is registration for the conference when the time comes.

7) What information have I neglected to ask about?

The current President is Dr. Jane McCarthy at UNLV. Past President is De. Maxine Cooper (Australia) and the President Elect is Dr. Mireia Montane (Spain). I am the Executive Secretary. Please let me know if I have left anything out. If something is not clear, let me know.

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