A Close Look at 3 Unique Careers

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There’s a lot of pressure to choose the perfect career, but the good news is there are plenty of career options out there for practically anyone’s interests. With all of these options available, the next challenge is figuring out which is appropriate for your curiosities and skills. The first step to this search is considering some professions that you may have initially overlooked. So, if you need a few more ideas, then keeping reading to explore three career choices that might just be the right fit for you.

Look into practicing law.


Though becoming a lawyer isn’t an out-of-ordinary job, it’s still a profession that many forget to consider. The great thing about pursuing a career in civil law, criminal law, or any other legal area is that it works for many adults who have a bachelor’s degree, but who want to do something different than their original degree allows. As a law school applicant, you usually have to obtain a bachelor’s degree and pass some mandatory tests, like the LSAT, and qualifications before admittance. To further dive into which type of law you want to work with, read up on this comparison of civil cases versus criminal cases. Dealing with civil lawsuits involves working with a plaintiff who files for a case that needs a ruling from a civil court. On the other hand, criminal law cases happen when a person meets with a lawyer because they’re accused of breaking the law, or commits criminal action that results in a misdemeanor or felony.

It’s important to also explore the various areas of law, so that you get an accurate assessment of the type of law you’d want to work in. Consider becoming a criminal defense attorney, immigration lawyer, tax lawyer, or government attorney. No matter the area of law, you’ll needyour undergraduate schooling, certification, and Juris Doctor or (J.D.) from an accredited law school. With your great dedication, you’ll be ready to take on your new career. You may even be the next District Attorney or Attorney General of the United States if you end up loving your law career!

Consider working with families.


Another great career choice to consider is pursuing a master’s degree in the medical field. This is a particularly smart choice to consider if you’re currently a registered nurse who may have the opportunity to advance their career. Think about enrolling in an FNP program. You might be wondering, what does FNP stand for? Well, an FNP degree, or Family Nurse Practitioner, allows you to provide primary care to patients across various age groups. With this online post-bachelor’s nursing degree and certification, you have the choice to work in a pre-established private practice. An online program like this is extremely valuable to busy medical professionals looking to expand their current career path.

Once you finish your degree, you can also start your own primary care facility with a certified medical doctor to help provide patients with great care. A family practice is a wonderful fit if you enjoy working with patients in their day to day lives. You choose whether to work with pediatrics, adolescents, or geriatrics,. As an FNP working in family medicine, you have the chance to build relationships with your patients over their whole lifespan, and expand your career in the process.

Allow your inner beer lover to rejoice.


Maybe you’re looking for a different kind of profession that feels like your working with something you enjoy. If you want to explore something fun that excites you, then consider a beer degree. Yes, you read that right.

The option to pursue degrees across the country in areas like Sustainable Brewing or Fermentation Science is out there for those who are excited about beverage fermentation. With these degrees, you’ll learn all about about the main purpose of fermentation. For example, with this fermentation knowledge you know how to get the right conversions of sugar from beer yeast and ethanol to create lactic acid bacteria. These valuable labratory skills will get the flavor of beer you desire. At the end of the day, if you plan to work at a brewery they want qualified and knowledgable candidates, so go ahead and make this dream a reality.

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