A Considerable Checklist While Buying Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

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Nothing is 100% perfect in this world when you look at something from a different perspective but, at least we can achieve a level that worth appreciation. When it comes to evaluating perfectly done jobs, you cannot ignore a golf course. Unlike your personal garden or public park, this land property requires a much higher level of perfection. The average land area occupancy of an 18 holes golf course is 60 hectare out of which almost 30 hectares come in maintained turf category. Taking care of 74 acres (30 hectares) landmass is a very difficult task especially if it is meant for playing golf. You need a complete fleet of maintenance equipment that comes with a huge price tag. In this article, we are elaborating on some essential equipment mandatory for every golf course.

List of essential golf course equipment

1. Mower

Mowing is, of course, the primary requirement of every golf course because turf occupies more than half of the landmass. Turf maintenance of a golf course is not like you trim the grass at home with manual mower. According to the types of turf, a golf course is divided into four parts:-

  1. Tee
  2. Fairway
  3. Rough
  4. Green

All of these areas require different kinds of mowing equipment that works on two kids of blade mechanisms i.e. Reel & rotary. The reel mowers are meant for maintaining fairway & tee whereas, rough & greens are easy to maintain with rotary mowers. A rotary mower works fast with its chopping blades but not suitable for close mowing like reels. You can search for renowned brand names like John Deere & Jacobsen golf coursemowers for excellent mowing results.

2. Dethatchers

When you trim the grass, some of the residues remain in the ground that gradually create a layer called thatch. At a safe level, thatch is good for providing adequate nutrition because it turns into natural compost after decaying. However, a thick layer of thatch is harmful to the growth of new shoots. The Jacobsen golf course mowers manufacturers also provide a reliable solution to this issue. You need to buy a dethatcher that rakes out this layer. It allows new shoots to grow properly.

3. Aerators

Your job doesn’t end after mowing & dethatching because it is also necessary to provide adequate oxygen to the soil. The roots of the grass are closely tangled together allowing very less space to thrive. The aerators are rollers equipped with coring tines pierce inside the ground. As the roller moves forward, there are coring tines puncture ground and create holes. These holes re further filed with sand that allows easy aeration to the roots of the turf.

4. Sprayers

A sprayer is also among the mandatory golf course maintenance equipment because you cannot arrange a fixed irrigation system to cover the entire golf course. The sprayer is a vehicle equipped with a water tank & pressure sprinklers. After mowing, dethatching or fertilization, it is important to irrigate the land area.

5. Blower, sweeper & Vacuum

All of them are dusting equipment that works for cleaning a large land space. Blower and sweeper help to collect the residue and vacuum removes it from the ground leaving a clean turf. These cleaners are very useful when you need a close swep from the tee and fairway area.

Along with this essential equipment, you also need 2 or 3 utility vehicles specially customized for golf courses. All of them are very expensive, you may feel the lack of budget in some cases. In such kind of situation, it would be better to search for used equipment that comes with a limited warranty of a few months by the seller.

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