The Democratic party, which has brought the American people nothing but unconstitutional, job-killing legislation and impeachment madness over the past three years, crawled out of their hole to explain the secretive coup they are engaging in upon the duly elected President while propaganda becomes the overall modus operandi of mass media in America.Our Government is holding undemocratic secret meetings to impeach the President of the United States based on conjecture and slander regardless of what the Mockingbird media says.

There is no evidence of mafia-style quid pro quo, but of course, there is plenty when it comes to Hunter Biden.

In the past, impeachment hearings were regarded as so severe that it was paramount for transparency and bipartisan debate to dominate the proceedings.

Nowadays, in this NWO slow-roll takeover that can ONLY be corrected by “We The People,” the Republican minority can’t even get subpoena power.

But fear not, the Democrats and their bureaucratic intelligence minions face investigations from Attorney General Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham, and the FISA report from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

And in true rope-a-dope fashion, once all of the left’s unconstitutional punches have been thrown and absorbed, America will drop the inevitable K.O. of providence.