A Detailed Analysis Of The Growing Acceptance Of MCT Oil In Our Society

May 18, 2018 by

The naturally occurring medium chain triglycerides have gained a string of followers amongst health aficionados with its ability in being metabolized rapidly by the portal vein, which in turn paves the way for immediate energy production. Long chained fatty acids, on the other hand lengthen the metabolic process as they get absorbed by our lymphatic system. The difference between long and medium chain
triglycerides is determined by the number of carbon atoms present in each molecule. This is the biggest reason behind dieticians prescribing MCT supplements to individuals suffering from digestive disorders. MCT oil gets easily converted into energy without requiring much break-down time as our body runs an efficient metabolism process. This man made nutritional supplement is extracted from coconut oil and also sunflower or palm oil occasionally. They can also be traced in high-fat dairy products such as butter and cheese.

Our brain is not capable of storing energy and requires a constant stream which gets supplied by our blood glucose. But at times our blood sugar might get low requiring the backup system to spring into action. Our liver can break down the stored body fat in such cases to produce ketones which shower our brain with a rush of energy once it crosses over the blood-brain barrier. The level of ketones is raised up in our blood through the MCT oil whose benefits is being researched in depth by the medical community off late. It has already found its usage amongst children born premature or suffering from epilepsy as the miracle food for decades since it provides an easily absorbed energy source for children who suffer from serious food absorption disorders.

MCT oil is administered intravenously for prevention of muscle wasting in patients suffering from critical illness. It is given as a “medical food” to Alzheimer’s patients termed as Axona. The unique MCT fats do not require bile salts to proceed with digestion. MCT oil has travelled a great distance since the time it started out as a serious medicine to modern days when it is readily being prescribed as a nutritional supplement which can be availed by everyone. It has also found ready made usage in endurance athletes and bodybuilders who are increasingly using the same to hike up their energy meter and bring down body fat while benefiting the most out of an enhanced lean muscle mass.

MCT oil is being used as a potent ingredient of “Bulletproof coffee” which health aficionados swear by for boosting up their brain function. Its creator Dave Asprey holds the view that the perfect way for starting the day with enhanced mental clarity is by adding MCT oil and butter to our staple morning cup of coffee. Although a bevy of controversies surrounds this recipe, it has found its share of followers. Neuroprotective benefits are provided by MCT oil to keep us safeguarded from an array of ailments such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, stroke and traumatic brain injury. It can delay the aging of our brain by providing it with extra fuel which is well braced to repair cell damage.

Mickey t 8 mct oil review can provide a tough fight to Alzheimer’s by redirecting our brain to take up ketones as a source of alternative fuel which can aid it in producing glucose.

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