A Few Words on the U.S. Economy, or an Overview of Reality

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A Few Words on the U.S. Economy, or an Overview of Reality

President Obama and Congress Must Live in Disneyland

by Peter Stern

Or at the least, they live in a different world than the rest of us. Where else could they spend and spend and cut taxes and expect to eliminate our massive debt?

In reality, there are very simple steps we could take to save our economy.

Peter Stern

To have real money on hand we must have taxes, so an increase in taxes is needed. Obama promised to tax the wealthy, but after he became President he chickened out, bending his promises to try to get the GOP more open to his health care plan, which didn’t happen anyway.


Then we need to cut our massive expenditures, especially overseas. We need to spend money on creating jobs here via a national job program and to make it worthwhile for the private business sector via tax exemptions and other perks to hire American citizens.

As easy as it is to reign-in our debt and to pay some off, it won’t happen.

Big businesses are drooling at mega markets overseas, e.g., McDonald’s and other fast foods in China, Pakistan, India and other areas.

Selling our water overseas to China and the Middle East, e.g., T. Boone Pickens is doing. There are many other enterprises overseas that will provide billions to companies.

Instead of our Congress trying to cut or eliminate our Medicare and Social Security programs, we should cut retirement packages we pay our officials in Washington and we should stop giving them free health care. They can afford their own health care, so let them pay for it as the rest of us must do.

Some people want a 3rd political party and I want to get rid of them completely and let all American citizens be independent of parties. Such a new party will soon become as corrupt and ineffective as the current two we have.

Anyway, I believe that most Americans are doomed. I try to be a positive person in life, so I am positive we are doomed. Only the “when” is undetermined.

During the next decade it is going to get a lot worse for the majority, as our Congress spends more money or not, and whether taxes will increase or not. The little people can’t make it. They can’t or shouldn’t be in the stock market because it is controlled by the big guns. They won’t have health care or social security to fall back on a little bit.

The U.S. currently is only for the millionaires and the billionaires and it also is for the legal and illegal immigrants who are finding more jobs, public school and higher education opportunities and economic breaks than do the majority of U.S. citizens who are rapidly becoming 3rd rate citizens in their own nation. Unfortunately, when we review the actions and inactions of our President and Congress, it is going to get even more ugly.

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