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“A Great Alternative to Facebook”

By Donna Garner


With fake news swirling all around us at every turn, we who value TRUTH, HONESTY, and FACTS are going to have to face reality. The future of our nation hangs on it. Facebook is now openly defying its own mission statement:

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them…It serves to allow individual users to connect with friends in a simple, shorthanded manner, sharing thoughts, news and multimedia content with them.”

I taught for 33+ years, and I guess I still have that “teacher” side left in me. I feel compelled (for no remuneration) to try to help educate the public on political, social, and education issues — either sharing my own articles or those of people whose articles appear to be credibly sourced.  I am not a newbie at this and have been actively involved in political/social/education issues for more than 37 years!

To share these articles, I have been using Facebook; but after being put in “Facebook jail” four different times with three of these almost back-to-back in recent days, I am very concerned as well as frustrated.

I am a member of some 35 FB pages and also manage my own FB page — “Donna Garner.” I, and many other people, readily share important articles that have state and/or national interest; and thousands of people across these FB pages post comments back and forth — in other words, a “community conversation.”  This is what FB says they want.

However, the real truth is that FB is becoming increasingly aggressive in shutting out conversations based upon their own set of what they call “community standards” but which are looking more like the “thought police” meant to stifle conservative thought.

Recently, FB has put me in FB jail three different times.  I posted a non-partisan article on Common Core (Fl. Gov. DeSantis just abolished it) and a video on abortions taken directly from public testimony before Congress. The most recent FB jail time is for an entire week even though my articles never contain epithets, hate-filled comments, criminal content, racially disrespectful/bullying statements, advocacy for violent behaviors, etc.

What can we do? We cannot allow Facebook to dictate how our nation should think, particularly when it means the possible destruction of our Constitutional republic. Until someone with a great deal of money and technological talent comes up with an alternative to Facebook, I believe we must make better use of e-mails. (I use Twitter and Gmail but have had sporadic problems with them also.)

The good news is Constant Contact.  For some years, I have been sending out my articles through CC to a large recipient list.  Constant Contact never allows my e-mails to get caught in the “spam trap,” and I never have my e-mails returned undelivered.  The Constant Contact staffers are absolutely wonderful and are always very helpful.

I pay a nominal sum out of my own pocket to send through Constant Contact, but their charges are quite reasonable.  The template that I have devised for my Constant Contact e-mailed articles is easy to read; and my recipients seem to like the way they look on their iPhones, iPads, and other devices. 

The process of signing up for my Constant Contact list is simple, non-intrusive, and FREE. You enter four things on the CC sign-up form: (1) first name, (2) last name, (3) state of residence, and (4) e-mail address.

Constant Contact will automatically place you on my e-mail list; and you will begin to receive my e-mailed articles each time I post an article to Constant Contact. 

Since I have no organization and am certainly not selling anything, you will see the words “No organization…” on the Sign-Up Form.  Constant Contact also gives a person the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time.  

Here is the Constant Contact link:  PLEASE CLICK HERE  – or HERE:   https://tinyurl.com/ycz9k5na

As a customer, Constant Contact places no limit on the number of articles I can send per day. I am only charged for the number of recipients on my list.

Constant Contact offers all of us a way to stay in touch by sharing our information with one another through e-mails, and CC does not utilize the “thought police” as does Facebook (and some of the other social media platforms).

Rather than lose the ability to help educate one another on important issues of the day, Constant Contact is an alternative to Facebook. I will still try to use Facebook when and if they ever let me out of jail, but Constant Contact is a sure way for Americans to stay informed without having to rely on the fake news outlets nor on the thought police.    

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