A Great Way To Relax From Your Constant Studies, Which Will Leave No one Indifferent

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Are you tired of constant learning or scientific research? Do you have an emotional burnout and are afraid of a breakdown? It’s time to rest. And what is a good way to do that? Well, sea and the sun seem nice. Foreign cultures too. So, why not look at Dubai?

Dubai is a city that has grown in the last decade. We can enjoy the view of the Burj Khalifa, which, with its height of 828 meters, is the tallest skyscraper in the world, or simply admire the Burj Al Arab, the most famous hotel in the world and unique symbol of Dubai. Two of his most famous and important bazaars: Gold and Spice Bazaar. In Abu Dhabi, you can go to Al Maktoum Street, which is the center of women’s needlework and fabric production; here visitors can buy goods at fixed prices. The city’s camel market is well known throughout the country and is the last remaining. The former Al Ain prison has the best view of the city and the surrounding oasis. Muscat is a city between palaces, Arab markets and shopping centers. We cannot miss the Palace of the Sultan and the Great Mosque – a gift of the Sultan Qaboos to the people for the thirtieth anniversary of his reign. They are one of the most exotic destinations that you will visit if you finally decide to make one of the fabulous cruises in Dubai and the Emirates.

The Best Way To Enjoy Dubai Views

Dubai Marina, the center and the skyscraper-filled island of Dubai is its main attraction. The island is quite big and if you want to see all its wondrous hotels, fashionable swimming pools and fountains, Michelin restaurants, and lots and lots of ways to relax and switch from the eternal tasks of education and studying. Dubai Marina  is a large island that you can’t cover in a day or even two walking. I’d like to advise you the best way to actually look at everything in a very short amount of time, while  being in the comfort and eating delicious meals. Well, go on a cruise along the Marina channel in a dhow boat.

The Main Features of The Cruise

The cruise of the  Dubai Marina island isn’t expensive at all. Anyone can afford it. The simplest option allows you to enjoy all the significant watching places and the famous palm-tree island and have dinner on the boat. The cruises usually start in the evening when the sun sets since then all the lighting is on and the view is even better. If you have saved more money, you could surely purchase a larger cruise that will offer you not just a table but also a completely luxurious cabin and a couple of days where your scenery is blue and relaxing all around you.

During your dining evening, you won’t just be staring at the wondrous modern buildings, the majority of the boats offer a nice cultural program. First of all, the dishes served are an exhibition of the emirates life in itself. The delicacies of oriental cuisine are at your service for the whole evening. Apart from that, belly-dancers and those scary-looking guys with scimitars will not let you drowse on the monotone rocking of the ship with their live shows. They will perform their best for you while you sip some cocktail and listen to the live singers. And all of that happens in the middle of a bustling metropolitan city that is the Dubai Marina. A good definition of a vacation, I’d say.

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