A Letter Writer Spits In Many Faces to Spite His Own

Mar 19, 2018 by

The late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. successor to Albert Einstein, might have comprehended the wanderings of Jamal Uddin’s mind, but he too would be stymied. It’s easier to figure out than straighten out a brain that works against itself like a lobbyist for madness.

In a recent letter to The Chief-Leader newspaper, Mr. Uddin advocates for the dissolution of labor unions that have protected and won him benefits without which he would be personally forced to fight a steep and lonely uphill battle for a tenuous middle-class existence and suffer his own economic femoral artery being severed and his pride bleeding out.

More incomprehensible than the “black holes” of the universe is that Uddin is from the Brooklyn Field Office of Local 371 of DC37., he claims. Is he their “death star”?

He takes the position that the crippling of unions will improve their stride. Bankrupting them will enrich them. They will be fortified by being busted up. Self-ruination will build them up.

He feels unions should take a step back, view the landscape and volunteer for irrelevancy. It’s known as “right to work”. He’s auditioning to jockey a Trojan Horse.

It’s clear that Uddin is getting his jollies from anticipating the US Supreme Court ruling in the Janus v. ASCME case.  He may belong to a union, but this plaintiff-sympathizing traitor is no unionist.

His twisted logic should go viral in psychiatric monographs. He says that a decision to crush unions will put their members “in the driver’s seat”. Ah, to be behind the wheel of a junked vehicle!

He then croons the freeloader’s anthem about how decimated unions will still be obliged to champion non-members “in legal or collective matters.”

A Supreme Court blow to the unions would “diminish union monopoly” and “would be a corrective mechanism, and it is about time…”, he adds.

After the national “Right to Work” feast, there will still be plenty of grub for parasites like Uddin. ‘It’s all good”, we can imagine him saying.

Is Jamal Uddin for real?  What’s the scoop on him?  What is the full extent of his link, if any, to a union office?

He needs a retrospective to the good old days. His colleagues should burst his eardrums with the “silent treatment.” let him count the seconds of his workday one by one and the tiles on the floor, each to each. Those who rip the communal lifeline merit no common courtesies. Don’t give him the time of day. Let him interpret the hands of the clock himself, if he can.

Jamal Uddin’s letter is replete with clues that he is not naive. His views are not simply misguided. Give him his due within the law and show no charity.

Ron Isaac

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