A novel idea: Teach kids to love learning

Sep 4, 2019 by

When Tyler Horning’s son was born nearly six years ago, he and his wife started thinking hard about where they would send him to school.

They live in Plymouth, which has a good public school system, but they wanted something more. And they weren’t finding it — even among area private schools.

So Horning started his own school.

Ivywood Classical Academy in Plymouth opened its doors this week as a K-5 tuition-free public charter school, which will keep adding grades in the coming school years.

Even though Horning, who is president of the school board, and his team weren’t able to start enrolling students until late spring due to difficulties securing a building, 200 students signed up for this first school year.

Ivywood is partnering with Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative, which now has more than 20 affiliates around the country, including two in Michigan. This school is one of only three new charter schools opening in Michigan this fall.

Horning, a 2006 graduate of Hillsdale, understands the value of a liberal arts education, and wanted his child to experience this kind of learning starting at an early age. (Full disclosure: I’m also a Hillsdale alum.) The Barney charter model is centered on a foundation of classical learning.

“This curriculum is able to unlock a child’s natural inclination to be creative and have wonder about the world,” Horning says.

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