A Quick Guide To Preparing To Go Back Into Education

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Returning to learning after a long break can be a very difficult decision, especially if you’re a mature student. You may find yourself with worries and fears that plague you constantly, but there are ways to overcome these. Whether you’re a mature student who’s worried about going back or a new student who’s apprehensive about university/college full stop, some of the tips here can help you!

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Learning To Manage Your Time Effectively

Many mature students panic that they aren’t going to fit work, family, study, and a social life into their routines. This is one of the biggest fears that people have when going back into uni. It’ll help if you use a diary or calendar to note down all of your appointments, and have a study management timetable at home. Keep your planner and timetable up to date so you can manage your commitments without stress.  Don’t leave it all in your head – everything can get muddled and it’s easy to panic about where you’re going to fit studying in. If you’re looking at nurse practitioner programs online or other online courses, they might even suggest some resources you can use to help manage your time and arrange a study schedule.

Making Friends

Many people think they will stand out as an older student, but making friends can be easy. Use course forums to see who you can find, and aim to strike up conversations for a few minutes each day. Soon, you should have a study network. Don’t put pressure on yourself to become best friends with everyone, though. It won’t be long before you’ve built up a network of people you can study with or simply grab a coffee with.

Getting Used To Technology

Getting used to the tech at uni is much easier than it looks. You can find sessions in the library on how to use the library resources. Many of the resources are accessed online, so getting this help is imperative if you don’t consider yourself apt at using the web. You will also be able to get advice to improve computer skills in various places, so take a look if you’re a little computer illiterate.

Getting The Support You Need

Worrying about things that may not go right is totally normal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get support. You can find support services with lecturers and in the library if you need them. Don’t go it alone if you’re struggling!

Learn On The Go

Make the most of your commutes and other times by learning on the go! This is a great way to streamline your timetable.

Set Targets And Rewards

One hour of studying could reward you with a 10 minute Facebook scroll or finishing an assignment could mean snacks and a new series on Netflix when you set your own targets and rewards!

Remember Your ‘Why’

Finally, remember why you’re doing all of this in the first place. Make your ‘why’ strong enough and keep it in mind and you should find it easier to keep going when it gets tough!

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